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LAARS 9600 CB Boiler

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Updated: Jun 4, 2013

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Overview of the 9600 CB

The LAARS 9600 CB boiler, also known as the Heatmaker, is a discontinued condensing hydronic boiler. It has a seasonal efficiency of up to 88.7 percent AFUE and a thermal efficiency of 96 percent. The unit uses either natural gas or propane.

The 9600 has a dual heat exchanger design in which the primary exchanger operates in non-condensing mode and is made with a copper coil. The stainless steel secondary exchanger surrounds the primary coil. A built-in circulator allows enough pressure to circulate water through the heat exchangers and a secondary storage tank, and all waterways are made to be resistant to corrosion. The sealed combustion system is self-monitoring and the system’s Integrated Boiler Control monitors the hot surface igniter.

While noted by many for its efficiency, the LAARS 9600 boiler was discontinued in March 2007 as part of a voluntary recall. The plastic venting components used in the design are reportedly susceptible to cracking, thereby allowing flue gases such as carbon monoxide to leak into the home. A free replacement of the affected parts can be arranged through Laars using kit number R206077.

Consumer Reviews of the LAARS 9600 CB

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Date created: 2012-10-13 Name: jimmy
Location: Holmdel

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

This is the worst undependable boiler every year, like clockwork, there is a problem and it it only 5 years old. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BRAND PLEASE RECOMMEND THE BEST BOILER AVAILABLE SINCE I CANNOT TAKE CALLING FOR REPAIR EVERY YEAR

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Other 9600 CB Reviews

Laars 9600 is mentioned on the HVAC discussion forum as being one of several HVAC manufacturers that does not provide quality information on parts and service information. Chief among the complaints posted here is that the manufacturer sells repair kits, rather than individual parts. A contractor on the site points out that when repairing a bad o-ring, he wound up paying for a full set of expensive repair pieces in addition to the one inexpensive part actually needed. Several other contractors then chime in to mention they too have seen problems with dripping thermostat housings that could likely be repaired simply by adding a new gasket.

LAARS 9600 CB Model Numbers

The 9600 CB is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
CB-M2-150 88.6 150000
CB-M2-175 88.7 175000
CB-M2-200 88.5 199900
CB-M2-250 88.1 240000

9600 CB Warranty

There is a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on the 9600. Contact Laars or your dealer for more information.

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