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IBC Technologies SL Boiler

Updated: Sep 17, 2011

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Overview of the SL

The IBC Technologies SL is a boiler series with an efficiency rating of 95% AFUE. The SL series includes the SL20-115G2, SL28-160, SL35-199, and SL45-260. The SL features high grade 439 stainless steel heat exchangers for optimal durability and efficiency, with a condensate draining system that cleans as it heats. Select units have supply and return connections on both sides for greater installation flexibility, and a moisture management system protects all boiler components. A touchscreen control allows express setup, easy programming, and remote programming and diagnostics. Safety features include built-in alarm contacts, safety limits on the heat exchanger and burner plate, and custom baffling around the fire chamber.

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Other SL Reviews

Among the very few comments regarding the SL is one from a homeowner on hvac-talk.com who got a price for an SL unit and wanted to know if it was high. There was one reply, from a professional member who agreed that the price was high. The SL is also mentioned in posts on plumbingzone.com and terrylove.com, with no specific comments about the unit.

SL Warranty

Product registration is required within 6 months of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the IBC SL boiler is comprised of the following:

  • 5-year limited parts warranty
  • Limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty, prorated after the 10th year

Labor costs are not included in the warranty.

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