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HTP EFT Combi Floor Boiler

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Updated: Nov 12, 2017

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Overview of the EFT Combi Floor

The HTP EFT Combi Floor is a modulating condensing gas boiler with an efficiency rating of up to 95.7% AFUE. It is Energy Star qualified and designed for floor-standing installation. The EFT Combi Floor provides both space heating and domestic hot water and has a turndown ratio of up to 10 to 1. The unit features a stainless steel, fire tube heat exchanger and a 15-gallon stainless steel indirect storage tank which eliminates temperature fluctuation. It is available in both LP and natural gas and is equipped with a built-in gas leak detector that will shut the unit off in the event of a gas leak. A multifunction control panel provides advanced temperature settings and control.

Consumer Reviews of the HTP EFT Combi Floor

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Date created: 2017-11-12 Name: Steve Cafiero
Location: Clark, NJ

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Korean Made Junk"
Just installed the Westinghouse label of this Combi boiler sold by Home Depot. Lots of plastic and thin wires, typical of Asian products. I originally found htp while searching for “Made in America “ boiler. Poor installation manual, difficult to bleed air from, and lots of cycling. Of course the heat stopped on the first cold night.. I had to tap the inducer fan to get it working again.. And it’s been running only a Week! J u n k !!!

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Other EFT Combi Floor Reviews

In response to a question about new combi units, a member on stated that the EFT Combi has a generous DHW tank and is one of the few acceptable combis he has seen.

EFT Combi Floor Warranty

The warranty for the HTP EFT Combi Floor boiler is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year heat exchanger and 5-year parts warranty (residential)
  • 5-year heat exchanger and 1-year parts warranty (commercial)

Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.

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