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Firebird Popular Boiler

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Updated: Aug 10, 2016

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Overview of the Popular

The Firebird Popular is an oil-condensing boiler with an efficiency of 91.5% AFUE. It is available in two models with outputs ranging from 80,000 to 121,000 BTU. The unit's down flue heat exchanger is constructed of corrosion-resistant mild and stainless steel and uses a high-performance Riello RDB burner. An intricate flue passage design provides low stack temperatures, and the Popular offers two venting options: a stainless steel balanced flue side wall kit, or a polypropylene chimney liner kit. All tappings are standard NPT, and the unit comes with a condensate drain with a built-in trap and neutralizer.

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Other Popular Reviews

A homeowner on diynot.com said that his Popular makes a loud noise on startup and that his installer said all Firebird Popular boilers make that sound. A professional replied that all Populars on his watch fire up smoothly.

Popular Warranty

The warranty for the Firebird Popular boiler is comprised of the following:

  • Limited 15-year parts and workmanship warranty, pro-rated after the 10th year

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