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Consumer Reviews of Energy Kinetics boilers

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Date created: 2016-11-15 Name: Shawn
Location: Garrison NY

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"System 2000 what a great boiler!"
I bought an Energy Kinetics system 2000 about eight years ago. After getting many proposals from several companies I did some research and decided to have the System 2000 installed by a local company Comfortmaster. They did a beautiful job and that winter and every one since I have noticed significant oil savings with the new boiler. It's very quiet and I no longer have to deal with a tankless coil for hot water. I have had it serviced annually by Comfortmaster and I have never once had a single problem. The service technicians have been excellent, Dave who did my tune up this year was especially great. He explained the complete operation and performance of my boiler in great detail. I have recommended Energy Kinetics to all my family and friends and I always recommend Comfortmaster. Having the system installed correctly is key. If you are considering a new boiler definitely look into the options Energy Kinetics offers.

Date created: 2016-11-02 Name: Dave
Location: Cold Spring, NY

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"System 2000 has saved me a fortune on oil"
I have had an Energy Kinetics Frontier System 2000 boiler in my home since I moved in fifteen years ago. After bad experiences with Weil McClain and Burnham boilers cast iron blocks leaking in my first home, I'm sure glad to have a rugged steel boiler that I don't have to worry about. With the exception of a few expansion tanks, air vents and fill valves I haven't had to fork out any money for repairs. I have a great service company that performs seasonal maintenance on it and checks it for efficiency. Efficiency is usually in the 85-86% range but I'm heating a house that's over 1000 square feet larger and older than my last house and I definitely spend much less on oil each year. The burner is a regular Beckett which can be found on just about any boiler and my service company says there's only two components that are exclusive to this boiler one being the boiler manager and the other the plate heat exchanger that takes care of my hot water. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this boiler to anyone.

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