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Crown Bimini Residential Boiler

#2 of 4 Crown Boilers

Updated: Jul 10, 2016

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Overview of the Bimini Residential

The Crown Bimini Residential boiler, also known as the BWC Series, is a cast aluminum gas-fired unit with an efficiency rating of up to 92.8% AFUE. Select models are designed to be wall mounted when necessary, including a combi unit which produces both heat and domestic hot water. The Bimini Residential features direct spark ignition and a microprocessor-based control system with features including digital touch pad and display and outdoor reset temperature sensor. It is available for use with LP or natural gas, has multiple venting options, and comes fully wired and ready for installation.

Consumer Reviews of the Crown Bimini Residential

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Date created: 2016-06-17 Name: F Roberts
Location: Pennsylvania

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

First, the unit requires manual reset anytime there is a power outage...dumb. Freezes up in the building if I'm away for a day or so. So Crown now sells an add-on kit for $270 plus install. Really? Second, after only 2 years the fan assembly is giving an e28 error message 3-4 times a day. Restarts fine after I manually reset but then it fails. The factory said no warranty on components. So the fan is $550 plus the unit needs to be recalibrated so probably a $200-300 tech call. That adds up to over $1000 for two years of service and making their poorly engineered product right. Buy another brand.

Date created: 2016-04-05 Name: D Linssen
Location: Green Bay, WI

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"Nightmare after 5 years"
I bought a Crown BWC151 high efficiency unit 5 years ago to take advantage of energy credits and upgrade from an older (but very reliable) conventional boiler. First 4 years were great - saved about $200 per year. In year five the boiler began to randomly kick out with an error code. Each time I would hit the reset button and the unit would resume operation for anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, then kick out again. Had I not been home each time I likely would have had a frozen house (winter in Wisconsin). After a couple visits the certified Crown service contractor determined the inducer/blower was failing. Replacement cost nearly $1,000. So there went my energy savings. A few months later the burner began to pulse when it cycled to low heat, causing the boiler to kick out again. After several service calls, during which the technician spent considerable time on the phone with Crown's tech support department, I've been told the problem could be any of three things: (1) the inducer/blower is failing again, which would be covered under warranty as it's only a few months old, (2) the main control board is failing, which would cost me about $1,000, or (3) the gas valve is faulty, which would cost me about $500. Even then, I'll have no assurance of reliability. The Crown certified service contractor has suggested I might want to think about replacing the unit with another, more reliable, brand, which would cost me in excess of $5,000. Don't buy a Crown!

Date created: 2015-10-02 Location: Los Angeles, CA

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars

"Amazing and cheap boiler!"
I've had my Crown boiler for about a year now and I can't stop talking about it! It seriously is the best boiler I have ever owned. It was so affordable, I kind of was not expecting it to last very long. I imagined it to be a quick fix. But I was so surprised that it brought the temperature up to a boil in no time at all! It saves money on my monthly energy bill. It is so great! I even bought one for my mother's house and she can't stop raving about it either! We are just so enamored with our Crown boiler! I wish I had a need for more, it is that good. I might just buy one for my sister's house even though hers is still working, just because I know that this model is by far a better deal. She'll be ecstatic with the quality and affordability of this boiler.

Date created: 2012-10-02 Name: Jeff Muschlitz
Location: Easton, PA

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars

"Bimini Natural Gas Boiler"
I have installed 3 Bimini Gas Boilers. The unit is easy to mount and install. Follow the piping recommendations from Crown, this boiler is not piped like a normal boilers. I have had no problems with start-up and annual use. The unit is very quiet, well built, and reliable. I recommend this boiler.

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Other Bimini Residential Reviews

Among the few online comments regarding the Bimini is one from a homeowner on heatinghelp.com who had several problems with his unit and was not pleased with the customer service. Members on the site suggest that some of the problems may have been installer error and one stated that Crown usually bends over backward to help installers. On the same site, a homeowner asked for advice on choosing between the Bimini and a Weil McLain unit. More responders chose the Bimini, with a couple members stating that Crown has excellent customer service.

Bimini Residential Warranty

The warranty for the Crown Bimini Residential boiler is comprised of the following:

  • 1-year full unit warranty
  • 15-year limited heat exchanger warranty

A 5-year and a 10-year extended warranty covering parts and labor are also available.

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