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Bryant Boilers

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Bryant Boilers

Bryant makes four different series of oil and gas boilers, which vary in efficiency from 81.6% AFUE to 90% AFUE.

Legacy Line BW/BS Boiler

This product has an AFUE of 81.6. It uses a cast-iron heat exchanger, and its burners are made from an alloy of stainless steel and titanium. The casing is insulated fiberglass.

The boiler can be procured in a few different styles: there are choices between water or steam and pilot or electronic ignition.

Preferred Series BW3 Boiler

This boiler has an AFUE of 84.4. It uses internal valves with contours that increase the efficiency of heat exchange by maximizing surface area. A similar result is accomplished with 'thermal pins,' which protrude out into the water.

Both this Preferred BW3 and the Legacy BW/BS are designed for gas fuel.

Preferred Series BW 4/5 Boiler

These boilers have AFUEs of up to 86. They use oil fuel, rather than gas. They also feature a heat exchanger made from aluminum, not steel. The device itself is 220 pounds and uses simple PVC piping. The pipe system allows air to be inputted and outputted from outside the house.

This is the only model with an "Easy Access" burner door for easy maintenance.

The BW 4/5 boilers have received an EnergyStar rating.

Preferred Series BW9 Boiler

This boiler is at the top of Bryant's line and has received an EnergyStar rating. It has an AFUE of 90 and is powered by gas. It has an aluminum heat exchanger, and many of the same features as Bryant's other boilers.

Homeowner Information

Bryant boilers should be installed and regularly inspected by a qualified technician. Homeowners should make sure that their boiler always has adequate airflow available. The boiler should also be installed far from insulation and combustible materials.


The Legacy boiler, the Preferred BW3, and the Preferred BW4/5 come with a five-year warranty on their parts and a twenty-year warranty on their heat exchangers.

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