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Trianco Boilers

Updated: Jan 21, 2016
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Trianco sells oil, electric, wood pellet and solid-fuel (i.e. coal) boilers. Trianco is privately owned and located in Sheffield, England.

Trianco and Trianco-Heatmaker are different companies.

Corporate History

Trianco Heating was founded as New Chambers in the 1850s. It was known for its coal fire ranges at Thorncliffe in Sheffield. Eventually the company expanded to produce fireplaces, back boilers, and free-standing heaters. Trianco-Stewart, a small petroleum manufacturer, was merged with New Chambers in the early 1970s, resulting in the modern Trianco Heating Company.

The company is one of the last British heating product manufacturers and in recent years has entered the renewables market, providing a variety of biomass heating products.

Product Lines

Trianco has five major kinds of boilers, each comprised of various models. These five are: Greenstar, Aztec, Eurostar, Contractor and TRG.

Greenflame, a biomass wood pellet boiler available as both an inside and outside unit, features a small footprint and efficiencies of over 90%.

Aztec, which features Classic, Combi and System models, is essentially maintenance-free, gives off no toxic gases, and performs its own diagnostic testing. The Aztec is also solar compatible if placed outdoors.

Eurostar is an oil-fired boiler with combi models designed for indoor and outdoor installation. The Eurostar models are floor mounted with heating outputs from 50,000-240,000 BTUs.

The Contractor provides efficiencies in excess of 86% and features the Ecoflam MAX burner. The Contractor provides low NOx emissions.

The TRG is a floor standing solid fuel boiler that can burn for up to 14 hours with heating outputs of 45,000 to 80,000 BTUs. It is designed to provide heat and hot water to a 2-3 bedroom property.

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Contacting Trianco

Thorncliffe, Chapeltown
Sheffield, S35 2PH

Phone: 0114 257 2300


Trianco's warranty varies by product line. For example, the TRG boiler has a 12-month parts and labor guarantee, and a 4-year parts guarantee on the heat exchanger, while the Eurostar boiler has a 2-year parts guarantee and a 5-year heat exchanger guarantee.

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