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Thermal Solutions Boilers

Updated: Aug 29, 2018
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Thermal Solutions Products LLC, with headquarters in Lancaster, Pa., manufactures and sells hot water boilers and water heaters for commercial applications. Thermal Solutions is a subsidiary of Burnham Holdings, which reported net sales of $176.7 million in 2017.


Corporate History

Thermal Solutions Products is a subsidiary of Burnham Holdings Inc. Burnham Holdings, which was founded in 1905, has fourteen subsidiaries and also is the parent company of U.S. Boiler Co. and Crown Boiler Co., among others.  

Product Lines

Thermal Solutions offers three lines of boilers for commericial and industrial applications: the Evolution line of high efficiency, fully modulating hot water boilers; the Evolution condensing ultra high-efficiency hot water boiler, which reaches up to 97 percent thermal efficiency; and the Solaris mid-efficiency hot water boilers, which reach up to 84 percent thermal efficiency. Both of the fully modulating Evolution boilers are promoted by the manufacturer for their compact size, low NOx emissions and lack of need for annual maintenance.

Thermal Solutions’ Evolution product line is touted by the manufacturer for its serviceability, “exceptional” heat exchanger, advanced combustion design made simple, and timesaving controls. The company describes its product as a "compact quick-connect package with efficiencies of up to 87 percent." Another feature of Thermal Solutions’ boilers is their low emission of NOx, which means the combination of nitrogen and oxygen emitted from the system.  

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Thermal Solutions Products, LLC
1175 Manheim Pike # 7
Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: (717) 239-7642


Thermal Solutions' boilers carry different warranties based on the parts. In general, the burner is guaranteed for 10 years with limitations. The heat exchanger carries a 3-year limited warranty and a specific 10-year warranty against thermal shock. A full warranty should be available from your HVAC contractor.  

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