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Patterson-Kelley Boilers

Updated: Aug 29, 2018
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Patterson-Kelley, now known as Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelly, is an international provider of water heaters and hot water boilers for commercial buildings including hospitals, offices, and schools. Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley is headquartered in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and is a division of Harsco Corporation (NYSE:HSC), which has over 200 operating locations in 35 countries. Harsco Corporation reported revenue of approximately $1.6 billion in 2017.

Corporate History

Founded in 1880 by Benjamin F Kelley, the company first started producing feed water heaters. The Patterson part of the company name was added in 1917 when the company merged with Frank L Patterson and Company. In 1974, after acquisition by Harsco Corporation, Patterson-Kelley continued to develop its products and in 1987 entered the gas-fired commercial boiler industry. In 2009 the Patterson-Kelley name was changed to Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley.

Product Lines

Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley manufactures a large variety of water heaters and condensing, non-condensing, and dual fuel hydronic boilers. The company's P-K Mach condensing boiler has an efficiency of up to 96% with actual net thermal efficiencies of up to 99%, and the P-K Sonic boiler is 97% efficient. There are also outdoor and dual fuel versions of the P-K Mach. The unit is designed to fit through a 36-inch doorway and the largest models are equipped with wheels for easy installation.

The company's direct water heaters are designed to save space while providing up to 96% efficiency. Five indirect water heaters are also available.





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Contacting Patterson Kelley

Patterson-Kelley Co
155 Burson Street
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Phone: (877) 728-5351
Fax: (570) 476-7247


Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley has a 5-10-5 warranty on boilers which is a 5-year limited warranty on heat exchanger, a 10-year warranty against thermal shock failure, and a 5-year warranty on the burner. Patterson-Kelley guarantees the highest quality of all components, material and workmanship related to the construction of each boiler. The company therefore offers extended, non-prorated guarantees on products.

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