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Parker Boiler Company

Updated: Sep 4, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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Parker Boiler Co. manufactures industrial and commercial steam, condensing and hot water boilers, as well as other steam and hot water generating products. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Parker Boiler is a privately held company.  

Corporate History

Sid E. Parker, founder of Parker Boiler Co., designed the first "Parker" boiler in 1919. The current Parker Boiler Co. was established in 1946. Since that time, according to information from the company, Parker Boiler has lived up to its motto, “Never compromise for quality or safety.” In 1987 the company moved into a new 3 1/2 acre modern boiler facility, and in 2015 Parker Boiler Co. celebrated its 69th year as manufacturer of the Parker Industrial Packaged Water Tube Boiler.

Product Lines

Parker Boiler Co. makes commercial and residential boilers, water heaters and burners. Its steam boilers are available as indoor or outdoor units and can run on a variety of fuel options, whether atmospheric gas, propane, oil or a combination of these. The manufacturer says that these units can generate full steam within ten minutes of start-up.

Also available are hot water boilers in a range of sizes and heating capacities. These boilers feature a flexible, bent water tube design that the manufacturer has specialized in for nearly 100 years. Finally, the company's 205 series condensing hot water boiler features a "European" design that earns efficiency up to 99.7 percent. These units are made of stainless steel to better resist corrosion.

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Parker Boiler Co.
5930 Bandini Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90040

Phone: (323) 727-9800


Parker Boiler Co. covers boiler vessels under warranty against damage from thermal stress for 25 years. In addition, the company offers 5-year pro rata warranty coverage on what it calls the main components: drums, tubes, headers, cabinets and cast iron burners. Finally, the company provides 1-year coverage of tanks, heat exchangers, softeners, pumps, valves trim burner and controls.  

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