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NY Thermal Boilers

Updated: Sep 4, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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NY Thermal Inc. (now known as NTI) manufactures residential and commercial hydronic heating equipment, including oil, gas and wood boilers. NTI is a family-owned, privately-held business located in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Corporate History

NTI was formed in 1968. It was originally known as the New Yorker Boiler Co., then NY Thermal Inc., and is now known as NTI. NTI boilers are manufactured using computer-assisted design techniques at the company's 72,000 square foot waterfront facility which also includes a laboratory and training facility.

Product Lines

NTI’s line of 5 Energy Star qualified gas boilers includes the 95% AFUE Vmax and 4 Trinity units - the Tft, Tx, Ti, and Lx. These high-efficiency boilers are designed to meet nearly every need. Options for the various products include wall-mounting, use of natural gas or propane, quiet operation, versatile venting and availability in combi versions.

In addition, NTI offers oil-fired boilers, including the cast iron Odyssey, high-efficiency Caprice and hot water Triton. Also available is the WF series wood-fired boiler, which is designed to run with an existing oil burner.  


Reviews by Series

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Trinity Lx (4 reviews)
Trinity Tft (1 review)
Trinity Ti (19 reviews)
Trinity Tx (4 reviews)
Vmax (0 reviews)

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Contacting NY Thermal

NY Thermal
30 Stonegate Dr.
Saint John, NB E2H 0A4

Phone: (800) 688-2575


NTI offers a basic 5-year warranty on all parts and components, including the pressure vessel, on boilers and water heaters. The cost of labor is not included.

The company offers Extended Coverage on pressure vessels of 100% for 10 years. After 10 years, the coverage is reduced to 20% for the duration of the unit's lifetime. The unit must be registered within 6 months of installation to qualify for the Extended Coverage.

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