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Kewanee Boilers

Updated: Sep 3, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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Kewanee was a Midwestern company that had produced residential, commercial and industrial boilers. The company has been out of business since 2002 and was owned by Burnham, which now operates under the name U.S. Boiler Co. Inc.  

Corporate History

Kewanee Boilers began producing boilers in 1868 in Kewanee, Ill. Several companies, including American Standard, owned Kewanee Boilers during the company's lifetime. Burnham Corp. ultimately bought Kewanee in 1991. As part of the acquisition, the company obtained engineering drawings that date back to 1916.

Burnham closed Kewanee in 2002, reportedly because the demand for industrial firetube boilers was decreasing. As a result of the closing, Burnham launched a company called Classic Parts and Service to keep the original replacement parts in stock for Kewanee customers.

OEM Boiler Parts, a division of Burton Mechanical Ltd., acquired Classic Parts and Service in 2006 and today carries original Kewanee parts. OEM Boiler Partsl owns much of Kewanee's original machinery and is able to manufacture needed parts as a result.  

Product Lines

Kewanee was a major producer of boilers within the United States and internationally. Kewanee boilers were made to operate as oil burners, gas burners or combination oil and gas burners. Many of its boilers, such as the Type R Firebox, featured a compact 3-pass design for the maximum transfer of heat. Others, such as the packaged scotch boiler, provided flexibility regarding the type of fuel used.

The common Kewanee replacement parts that OEM Boiler Parts carries include all types of gaskets, controls and relief valves. Pilot assemblies and blower wheels also are available.

Some parts, such as pilot assemblies and cams, vary depending on the model and year of the boiler. Many design changes occurred during the 1990s, but because OEM Boiler Parts has Kewanee sales records dating back to 1985 it can match Kewanee boiler parts to the exact model purchased.

Many different blower wheels were used on Kewanee boilers. The type of blower wheel used depended upon the altitude of the boiler site. OEM Boiler Parts has a varied stock of blower wheels available. In addition, different types of diffusers were created to cause the proper amount of fuel to mix with air for combustion. Burton Mechanical carries all types of Kewanee diffusers.  

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Contacting Kewanee

Burton Mechanical, Limited
25 South Cherry Alley
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Phone: (717) 367-9900

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