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Heatrae Sadia Water Heating Products

Updated: Aug 17, 2018
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Heatrae Sadia is a manufacturer of residential and commercial electric water heating products for the UK market. Heatrae Sadia is headquartered in Norwich, England, and is part of Baxi, which is part of BDR Thermea. BDR Therma operates in 82 countries worldwide and employs about 6,500 people. BDR Thermea had sales of approximately $2 billion in 2017.

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Corporate History

In 1920, Electric Fires was established as a producer of electric heating appliances in Norwich. In 1934, the company changed its name to Heatrae. In 1961, Heatrae set up the company Heatrod to produce heating elements. In 1974 the company purchased Sadia Water Heaters and in 1977 changed its name to Heatrae Sadia. In 1985 the Valor Group bought Heatrae Sadia. In 2006 Heatrod was sold, and in 2009 Heatrae Sadia was part of a merger to form BDR Thermea.

Product Lines

Heatrae Sadia’s electric boilers come in two series, the Electromax and the Amptec. The Electromax provides both central heat and domestic hot water. It is a fully packaged unit with an electric boiler, stainless steel hot water cylinder, circulating pump, and central heating and domestic hot water controls.

 The Amptec is designed to provide central heating, with domestic hot water supplied by an indirect or direct water heater. The Amptec series includes models designed for conventional radiator systems and models suitable for underfloor radiant heating.

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Contacting Heatrae Sadia

Heatrae Sadia
Hurricane Way
Norwich, NR6 6EA

Phone: 0344-871-1535


Heatrae Sadia provides a 2-year on-site parts and labor warranty on the Amptec boiler. The Electromax is covered by a 10-year parts and labor warranty on the hot water cylinder and a 2-year warranty on the boiler and other controls.

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