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GlowCore AC Boilers

Updated: Mar 17, 2016
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At one time, GlowCore A.C. Inc., produced gas-fired boilers and water heaters. The company, which is now out of business, previously had locations in Kitchener, Ontario, and Dallas, Texas. Replacement parts can still be obtained through local heating and cooling contractors.

Anecdotal evidence on the web suggests that GlowCore boilers were instrumental in the development of a U.S. facility for a Swiss chocolate maker who chose GlowCore because of its precisely managed temperature. Similarly, GlowCore was the product of choice at an exclusive New Hampshire resort because the hidden piping and tubing suited the luxury environment.

Product Lines

According to web archives, GlowCore A.C. produced a gas-fired hot water boiler. The unit achieved AFUE ratings ranging from 92 to 94 percent efficiency and emitted low NOx. The unit could be floor-mounted or hung on the wall and provided easy access for maintenance. The heat exchanger was made from stainless steel and was sealed so that there was no open flame.

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