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Gasmaster Combi Boilers

Updated: Sep 6, 2018
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Gasmaster Industries manufactures condensing combi boilers. The company is headquartered in Delta, BC, Canada. It does not appear to be publicly traded.

Corporate History

Gasmaster Industries was established in 1995 as the manufacturing arm of Powertech Industries, Inc., and began selling their first boilers in 1996.  In 1998, Gasmaster produced the first all stainless steel condensing 4 million Btu/hr. boiler, and in 2009 introduced a 12 million Btu/hr. unit. Gasmaster was sold in 2005 by Powertech and is now an independent company.

Product Lines

Gasmaster manufactures twenty-six models of stainless steel condensing boilers and water heaters. Every Gasmaster product has been certified as both a boiler and water heater. Each Gasmaster boiler and water heater is equipped with a throttle mechanism which reduces on/off cycles by over 90%. Gasmaster boilers use 316/316L grades of stainless steel, which the company claims has a higher resistance to corrosion, in the heat exchangers.

The capacity of Gasmaster’s GMI line of boilers ranges from 200,000 to 12 million Btu/hr. Boiler efficiency ranges from 94% to 96%, with an average of 95.6%, and water heater efficiency is between 97% and 99.8%. The GMI 12M is a 12 million Btu/hr. Industrial boiler which operates at 95% efficiency.

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Contacting GASMASTER

Gasmaster Boilers
1480 Cliveden Ave
Delta, BC V3M 6K2

Phone: 604-523-0600


Gasmaster boilers are covered by a 10-year prorated warranty from date of shipment on the heat exchanger against corrosion of flue gases a 20-year thermal shock warranty on the heat exchanger. The product must be registered within 45 days of shipment for warranty coverage.

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