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Energy Kinetics Heating Products

Updated: Mar 9, 2017
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Energy Kinetics is a manufacturer of residential and commercial heat and hot water systems. The company is privately owned and headquartered in Lebanon, New Jersey.

Corporate History

Energy Kinetics was formed in 1979, when founder John Marran, a professional engineer, designed the System 2000 boiler. Energy Kinetics’ boilers are all colored bright yellow and are available from heating professionals throughout the mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States and Alaska. The company has won several awards, including the Energy Star Award of Excellence, 2008 New Jersey Clean Energy Small Business Leader of the Year, and the 2012 Most Outstanding Family Owned Enterprises Family Business Award from the Rothman Institute.

Product Lines

The company offers three lines of boilers: the System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel CS. Each line combines heat and hot water systems. The System 2000 is has an efficiency of up to 88% AFUE and is designed for residential and commercial use; the 90+ Resolute is a residential boiler with an efficiency of up to 91% AFUE; and the Accel CS is a residential and commercial boiler with an efficiency of up to 97% AFUE. All units can be fueled by natural gas or propane, and the System 2000 and 90+ Resolute can also use oil.

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Contacting Energy Kinetics

Energy Kinetics
51 Molasses Hill Road
Lebanon, NJ 08833

Phone: 800-323-2066


Energy Kinetics provides a lifetime limited warranty and a 10-year labor allowance for residential pressure vessels. The warranty can be transferred to a new owner within the first five years of the installation.

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