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Dunkirk Boilers

Updated: Sep 1, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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Dunkirk sells gas- and oil-fired hot water and steam boilers, as well as indirect water heaters, for residential and commercial use.  Dunkirk is a brand owned by ECR International, a private company headquartered in Utica, NY.  

Corporate History

In 1928, Earle C. Reed founded the Dunkirk Radiator Corp. and The Utica Cos. To help with production, Dunkirk purchased the Sanitary Receiver Co. in the late 1950s. Later, Dunkirk made acquisitions to expand its presence in the boiler market. In 1992, Dunkirk purchased Ultimate Engineering. In 1998, Dunkirk purchased the boiler-related assets of Pennco Inc. In 1999, Dunkirk and Utica merged to form ECR International. The initials "ECR" refer to the companies' founder, Earle C. Reed.

In 2008, ECR built a 25,000 square foot stamping plant at the Dunkirk facility and upgraded the manufacturing equipment. 

Product Lines

Dunkirk manufactures gas, condensing gas, and oil-fired boilers.

The condensing gas boilers offer AFUE ratings ranging from 90 to 95 percent and include the Helix VLT and Helix VX, both of which are 95% efficient and earned the Energy Star 2015 Most Efficient label. The Q95M-200 modulating condensing boiler was designed for radiant-heating applications and homes where a large quantity of hot water is needed. The Q90-100 Series IV comes in a compact design for installation in small spaces; it features a high-efficiency cast aluminum heat exchanger and advanced controls. The Q90-200 Series II uses a high-efficiency cast aluminum monoblock heat exchanger.

Gas-fired boilers include the DXL and WPSB Series II, which feature the company’s “fuel smart” hydrostat control. The 3-in-1 control includes a temperature limit with LED display for diagnostics, low water cut-off and boiler reset to save fuel by turning on the burner only as necessary.

Oil-fired options include the ESC IV, EW Empire II Series II and Excelsior EXB, each of which features cast iron heat exchangers and Honeywell controls. Other features include a protective heat shield baffle designed to protect the casting above the water line; controls that measure the temperature change within the boiler to determine when to fire; and easy-to-program dial settings.

Reviews by Series

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Helix VX (1 review)
Quantum 90 (15 reviews)
Quantum 90-100 (6 reviews)
Quantum 90-200 (8 reviews)

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Contacting DUNKIRK

Dunkirk Boilers c/o ECR International
2201 Dwyer Ave.
Utica, NY 13501

Phone: (315) 797-1310


Dunkirk warranties range from 12 to 20 years, depending on the product. The company’s gas-fired boiler warranties include non-prorated terms.  

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