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Columbia Boilers

Updated: Aug 31, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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Columbia Boiler Co. manufactures residential, commercial and industrial boilers. Columbia is a privately owned, family-run company headquartered in Pottstown, Pa.  

Corporate History

Columbia Boiler Co. was founded in 1936, when it designed and manufactured its first steam boiler, the Columbia Residential Steel Boiler. Since then, with the exception of a few wartime years when the company produced steel holding tanks and heat exchangers, the company has specialized in manufacturing quality and serviceable boilers for every possible application.  

Product Lines


Many of Columbia's products are specially designed for small installation spaces, and the company promotes the fact that it has boilers available to meet nearly every need. The company markets residential boilers under several series. The Emerald Series is a combination of hydronic and hot water heating, available in 11 models for various installation needs. The WB Wet Base is the company’s top-tier line, featuring a 3-pass horizontal tube design. The LV Low Mass series operates with a low volume, low standby loss scotch marine heat exchanger. The Casco Bay CBX is able to reach up to 87 percent thermal efficiency in part by recirculating the flue gasses through the boiler three times. The company also makes a cast iron boiler line, some of which reach up to 95 percent thermal efficiency. 


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PO Box 1070
Pottstown, PA 19464

Phone: (610) 473-8457


Columbia Boiler Co. provides a limited lifetime warranty on all of its residential boilers.  

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