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Bryan Steam Boilers

Updated: Jan 19, 2014
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If you're looking for boiler options for a commercial application, Bryan Steam likely makes it. Today the company sells condensing, forced draft, atmospheric gas, electric, knockdown and low NOx boilers under the Bryan Boilers name. The company's boilers feature a flexible water tube design that the company says allows for fast, natural internal circulation for “maximum heat transfer and operating efficiency.” The design also reportedly prevents the potential for damage from thermal shock and allows for easy part removal and/or replacement as needed.

Corporate History

Bryan Steam’s history dates back to 1916 when George Bryan founded the steam-powered tractor manufacturing company Bryan Harvester Co. When gasoline became the tractor fuel of choice, Bryan adapted the bent water tube boiler to other applications.

Today Bryan Steam is a subsidiary within Burnham Holdings Inc.’s commercial division.

Product Lines

Bryan provides its commercial customers with a product selection guide that helps outline the company’s many options. Eight units offer low emissions while nine units allow for the option of knockdown installation to ease set up and get these large units through standard sized doors. Several dual-fuel units are available. MBH input ranges from 30 (for the three-phase electric boiler) to as high as 21,000 for certain multi-fuel forced draft units. Output likewise ranges greatly, from 720 MBH for atmospheric gas burner options to more than 17,000 MBH for forced draft units.

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Contacting Bryan

Bryan Steam LLC/Bryan Boilers
783 North Chili Avenue
Peru, IN 46970

Phone: (765) 473-6651


Bryan Boilers products are warrantied for 25 years against damage from thermal shock.

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