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Ajax Boilers

Updated: Jan 13, 2016
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Ajax Boiler Inc. produced steam and water boilers for the commercial market, with all products designed, manufactured and tested in-house. The company was purchased by Ace Heating Solutions, LLC, of Corona, California., and the Ajax line was discontinued.

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Corporate History

Santa Ana, Calif.-based Ajax Boiler Inc. has been producing boilers since 1919. The company was founded by Meade McClanahan, who applied his knowledge of steam locomotive boilers to the design of boilers for commercial and industrial use. In 1967 Ed Cancilla purchased the company and served as chief engineer until his death in 2010. The company was then run by Cancilla’s daughter Jane. Ajax was sold to Ace Heating Solutions, LLC, in 2014.

Product Lines

Ajax’s boiler lines included the Ajax inclined water tube heating water and steam boilers and Atlas copper fin high-efficiency condensing boilers.

The company explained that its unfired steam boilers made use of u-tube bundles for the uniform transfer of heat. According to the manufacturer, this resulted in both high thermal efficiency and a long lifespan. The Ajax water boilers used 2-inch steel or copper inclined tubes for the most economic use of fuel. The straight design reportedly also allowed for easy inspection and low cost replacements.

Many Ajax products featured the company’s Smart Boiler Control System, which used cloud computing technology for real-time management.

The company offered three product lines: the Ajax Series commercial boiler, Ace Series water heaters and Atlas Series high-efficiency condensing boilers and water heaters.

Environmental Impact

The company had worked with the Southern California Air Quality Management District since 1985. As a result, the company designed the Ajax Pre-Mix Boiler and the Ajax Low-NOx Boiler for low emissions. Proprietary design technology for these systems included the premix 12 and 20 ppm NOx burners and an induced flue gas recirculation system that burns natural gas or LPG at under 30 ppm NOx.

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Contacting AJAX

Ajax Boiler
2701 S. Harbor Blvd.
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone: (714) 437-9050


Ajax offered a limited factory warranty of one year for most boiler components. Certain linings carried longer pro-rated terms.

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