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Consumer Reviews of Biasi boilers

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Date created: 2015-09-30 Name: Brian Dudhill
Location: United Kingdom

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Problems with Biasi boiler"
Biasi review - I didnít take any notice of what I was told about Biasi boilers. I went ahead against advice and bought a Biasi Advance +35c with a Biasi 5 year parts & labour warranty, and it looked a bargain. Had it installed by a reluctant local firm and thought great, now Iím trouble free for at least 5 years. How wrong I was. Within a few weeks the boiler was intermittently not reaching temperature and losing pressure, so I called Biasi, who sent an engineer out within 48 hours. I was impressed, but he didnít know anything about Biasi boilers and was told over the phone to remove a wire from the diverter valve motor and put it back on. He left and the boiler seemed fine for a couple of weeks. After a couple of weeks the boiler went stone cold and needed pressurizing again so I called Biasi. Again, a quick response was impressive. Same engineer as before found the boiler was leaking from the safety valve and auto air vent. Both replaced and boiler working fine when he left. Another couple of weeks went by and the boiler again went hot/cold and again had lost pressure. This time the engineer took 4 weeks to arrive and he found the expansion valve leaking and exchanged the expansion tank. He also replaced the 2 valves replaced in an earlier visit. When he left, the boiler was working fine again. A few weeks later, the hot water tap temperature was set to 42c and on inspection of the boiler it was reaching 35c, switching off and going down to about 27c, meaning the shower was running hot and cold. So again the Biasi engineer was sent and he checked a few things but found the boiler was working fine and told me if he gets called back I would be charged. I told him that the problem is intermittent and when he left, the boiler was working fine. A couple of months went by and the boiler worked fine for those 2 months but again started running hot/cold. So again Biasi was called. On a Friday their engineer arrived, at last he saw the fault, did a few tests and told me the heat exchanger was blocked and I needed a new one. Biasi tells me £245 because itís not covered under warranty. I got a call out bill for £95 (probably the fastest 2nd class letter thatís ever been delivered in the UK) . Since the plumber left , the boiler has been working fine. Please take my advice. Stay well clear of Biasi boilers.

Date created: 2012-05-29 Name: Tom Hartin
Location: Newport, Maine

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I bought a new home with a Biasi Boiler in the basement three years ago. It will break your bank account keeping it running! I am removing it and buying a system 2000 asap! Buyers beware!!!

Date created: 2012-05-20 Name: C.Wardle
Location: UK
Years owned: 3

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"The - Fix It All The Time (F.I.A.T) of Boilers"
As a landlord I had a plumber who unfortunately installed 5 or 6 of these units. In the main they have proved very unreliable. In my experience it was common for major parts such as fans and circuit boards to stop working after two years and sometimes before. The circuit boards in particular are very expensive to replace. The only saving grace in the uk is that that they will come out and fix any problem for £220 including circuit boards which cost around £180. My advice is to avoid at all costs. If you have one that is say 4 years old and it starts to go wrong, cut your losses and install a Vaillant.

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