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Baxi Luna HT Boiler

Updated: Mar 11, 2015

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Overview of the Luna HT

The Baxi Luna HT is a modulating, condensing wall-hung gas boiler with an efficiency of up to 92.5% AFUE. One of the five models of the Luna HT, the HT 380, is a combination central heating and on-demand domestic hot water boiler. The nickel-chrome, stainless steel design of the premix burner and primary heat exchanger provide resistance to corrosion and low heat inertia. The unit is approved for closet installation, and the fully modulating fan and direct vent ensure quiet operation. The Luna HT features an electronic, gradual ignition and a gas valve with continuous modulation system. The fully automatic self-diagnostics include a double CPU microprocessor for optimal efficiency. Multiple units can be cascaded to share the same vent with a single exterior opening.

Consumer Reviews of the Baxi Luna HT

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  • Very Unsatisfied

Date created: 2015-02-22 Name: Phil Panhead
Location: Montana

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Great unit"
I read a lot of really bad reviews on this unit. My first question is: Was it a Baxi qualified installer that installed the unit, and also the same for problems and repairs? They need to be calibrated and set up right on the initial install. If you're somewhat of a mechanically inclined person, troubleshooting them is fairly easy. If not, then a good Baxi service person should be able to fix it. You need a good Baxi qualified person to deal with this unit; the same goes for most brands that are out there. I have a Baxi ht380 Luna and its been fantastic, the only problem has been my power company gas meter going to crap and having it replaced. I will back this unit up 100% for what it is.

Date created: 2015-02-01 Name: JM
Location: Boston, MA

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Regrettable mistake"
After extensive research, we thought this unit would be the ideal replacement when we converted our home from oil to gas heating. At the beginning, for the first two years, it worked well. We did notice that when temperatures got colder, the pilot light tended to shut itself off. Then we had a problem with the hot water not working. Finally, on the eve of a winter storm, the power light went off and the pilot shut down, and a little leak began beneath the unit. That's when I reached my limit with this equipment. We watched the temperatures plummet inside as we tried to get a qualified technician to help. Anytime we have a problem, we have to call the people who installed it for us and it's an expensive production every time. They act like it's a big favor they are doing us even though they represent the brand. The unit is supposed to be serviced once a year. I can't get anyone to do that. I hate this unreliable thing. I always have to check to make sure the pilot is running and that I don't need to reset it so that I don't leave for the day and return at night to a freezing house. I regret that we bought it. I hope we can replace it before we come home one day to temperatures in the 40's (yes, that cold) and busted pipes. Don't bother with this unit. It's a nightmare. It's temperamental and no one knows how or wants to service it.

Date created: 2014-12-10 Name: Craig Zentz
Location: Endicott, NY

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Boiler should be a vacuum cleaner"
The boiler was installed 12/19/12 and a fully functional indirect hot water heater was removed because "it would decrease the efficiency of this Baxi". Approximately six month later I had no hot water and error code E119. A technician advised me how to fix it over the phone and told me the system shut down as a result of "low water" in the system. On a Sunday morning in February we woke up to a cold house and another error code E119. When I tried to fix it the same way as before, water started bubbling out of a valve. I stopped and called Auchinachie, the company that sold and installed the unit. Eight hours later a technician came out. He tightened the valve, recharged the system and E119 went away. Two days later, a technician was sent out to change two valves. On November 5, my wife and I returned from a visit with our children to find a cold house. Another E119. I tried the initial procedure; it worked and E119 went away. I called Auchinachie again and they sent a technician who determined a sensor was faulty. Several days later, he returned and replaced the sensor. We have never been satisfied with having to run the hot water for forty to forty-five seconds before the temperature stabilized and we've never been happy with the fact that turning another faucet on while someone is showering creates a significant change in pressure in the shower. Same thing if the dishwasher kicks in or the clothes washer. We basically have to schedule normal household functions very tightly. I was told yesterday that the system is working "as designed" and we'll probably need to take a little time to acclimate ourselves to the new technology. I was told that an indirect hot water heater just like the one taken out would/should probably get me the comfort back that I enjoyed prior to having the Baxi installed. When I was sold the Baxi I asked for a boiler that was equal to or better than the one I had for over twenty years. I have neither. The title of this piece says it all. It would make a great vacuum cleaner because it really sucks. My considered opinion only. There's a lemon law for cars; too bad there isn't one for boilers.

Date created: 2014-10-04 Name: G Carson
Location: Webster, NH

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"What support"
I have had this HT330 for over 4 years and never had an issue when they were sold by Laars. Once Baxi took over the sales and support, the nightmare began. Get constant E133 codes after switching over from DHW mode to Winter mode and vice-versa. Have literally replaced every sensor, igniter and flame sensor. Now it's Saturday and no response after submitting the absurd online form over 24 hours ago. Still no heat or hot water and no telling when I will hear back. Two HVAC contractors have told me that any Baxi service is a minimum 2 trip affair, at a minimum $260 each visit. I have little choice but to buy a reliable Laars Mascot II with factory phone support. The unit is basically reliable, but Baxi has got to be the most customer unfriendly company I have had the misfortune to get stuck with. Marathon International, the U.S distributor, has a habit of changing support phone numbers often. I have had 2 different support numbers over the last 2 years that I got after talking to several vendors. Now I get "this number is no longer in service" messages.

Date created: 2014-05-23 Name: Manny A.
Location: Queens, NY

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Piece of Sh*t."
I am 100% unsatisfied with the way it breaks very often. I had to change the turbine for the 2nd time. I called one company they said $400, the other $500. Turbine measures how many gallons per minute the boiler should give. I have a small house, 1100 first floor, open full basement (which I do not heat in the fall and spring, and 2nd floor of 500 sf. Looks like I need to change the fan piece now. Every time any thing breaks the labor is very expensive. I suggest If you already installed this piece of sh*t you better learn how to change the parts on your own or it will cost you a fortune. Those hot shots that will install for you this boiler, you better get a long term agreement on the service. The parts are not that expensive. I rather change it for a different boiler.

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Other Luna HT Reviews

Many comments on HVAC forums describe the Luna HT as reliable. Reviewers on several threads on heatinghelp.com describe the unit as reliable and quiet, with several installers saying that installation is clean and easy. A couple of reviewers were not pleased with Baxi's customer service and website.

Luna HT Warranty

The warranty for the Baxi Luna HT boiler is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year heat exchanger warranty
  • 1-year parts warranty (2 years if installed by a qualified installer who has earned the Baxi installer and service technician certification)

An optional 10-year extended parts and labor warranty is available.

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