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American Standard Boilers

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American Standard offers three different lines of residential boilers: two are gas-fired, one is oil-fired.


The XB80 is a simple gas-fired boiler with a maximum AFUE of 83.6%. There are different subtypes of this model. The main differences between subtypes involves the minimum operating power. Some operate at full speed whenever they're on; others use more sophisticated machinery to vary their rate of operation based on the day's weather.

The XB80 retains some use during the summer, when it can continue to act as a dehumidifier. This function is operated by the Comfort-R® subsystem. The TraneCleanEffects® air filter also purifies the air, removing perhaps 99.98% of all airborne particles, allergens and pollutants alike.

This model uses a ComfortLink II system to communicate with the user-operated thermostat. The ComfortLink enables homeowners to control their boiler remotely, using their telephone. XR80 The XR80 is also gas powered. Its maximum AFUE is slightly higher: 84.3%. Its features are mostly similar to those of the XB80. Some of its exterior parts appear to be slightly more hardened. It also uses a slightly different internal fan technology.

Both the XR and the XB80 use heavily insulated gaskets to prevent heat and sound from escaping. They use efficient silicon nitride igniters and have basic three-wire connections to their electrical environment. These boilers use pillars made from aluminum to heat the water. The aluminum is crimped, so as to increase the surface area available for energy exchange.


The XR85 is oil-fired. It is also more efficient than either of the two gas models: its maximum AFUE is 86.7%. It uses a cast-iron 'three-pass heat exchanger,' which apparently causes it to save a little more energy. This boiler has received an "Energy Star" from the government, suggesting that it is relatively energy efficient.

This model uses a burner made separately by Riello. The boiler has a door that allows a qualified operator to tinker with the heat exchanger. It can be controlled using another attached panel, which flips open.

The XR85 has extra insulation, which decreases the noise that can be heard in the course of converting energy. The insulation also keeps the inside of the burner heated.


The same warranty comes standard with all three boilers. The heat exchanger falls under limited lifetime warranty. All other parts are covered by a five-year warranty. Extensions for the parts warranty can be obtained when the boiler is purchased. These extended warranties can cover additional labor and parts that may be necessary.

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