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York Air Conditioners

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York Air Conditioners

Discontinued Series

York makes four different lines of air conditioner. The efficiency of these devices is described with a number called Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER. A higher SEER implies that more of the energy used by the machine is translated into cooling energy.

Most of York's products have received an Energy Star and a Good Housekeeping Seal.


The two Latitude air conditioners have SEERs of 13 and 14.5. TCGF, the higher efficiency of the two, is also part of their "Ultra quiet" units. These air conditioners have earned EnergyStar efficiency ratings according to government standards.

All of York's air conditioners, including those in the Latitude series, (TCDG and TCGF) use R-410A Refrigerant. This is a more environmentally friendly form of coolant than R-22, which was in use previously. Specifically, R-410A is free of ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons.


York Central Air Conditioner
York Central Air Conditioner
York Central Air Conditioner

The two air conditioners in this series also have SEERs of 13 and 14.5. In addition to the features of the Latitude models, they include aluminum MicroChannel coil. They also use more sophisticated compressor and fan parts, which require less maintenance.

The LX air conditioners add coil protection between the grill and the condensor. They also use a different cabinet design. The YCJF model can be matched with a variable speed blower (the default has only one speed) to bring its SEER rating above 16. The YCJD is not capable of that.


The Affinity series is York's best air conditioner. There are four models in the series. The models here that have lower SEER ratings compensate with other features. The following links will allow you to learn more about the Affinity 9v and the Affinity 8v.

The Affinity TCHD is similar to the LX and has a SEER of 13. Its distinguishing feature is its size: it provides the same efficiency while having a physically compact form. These units can be fit into small spaces or even stacked. The clearance is 6".

The CZB is also 13 SEER, but operates especially quietly due to a special fan design. It also uses the QuietDrive® system, which involves the fan and the compressor.

The CZF has a SEER of 16. It brings to the table a ComfortAlert® system, which provides a compressor monitor to the homeowner.

The most sophisticated model, the CZH, has a SEER of 18. It also employs the quieting technology described above. It comes in seven different colors! The exterior uses powder-coated paint and sealed electrical connections to improve durability.

It also uses a two-stage compressor, which means it can operate at different speeds at different times. On a day that's not especially hot, it doesn't have to cool air at full blast. This feature contributes to its high energy efficiency.

Care and Maintenance

It's highly advisable to have air conditioners checked and inspected in the spring and fall, every year. This will ensure a system's functional properly and ideally avert poor performance issues.


Most of these products come with ten-year parts and ten-year compressor warranties. Additional coverage can be purchased under the YorkCare® Comfort Plan.

The Affinity TCHD, the small one, doesn't qualify for the basic warranty. It comes with a one-year warranty on its parts and a five-year warranty for its compressor.

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