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Consumer Reviews of Whirlpool central air conditioners

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Date created: 2015-05-25 Location: Whittier, CA

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Staying Cool and Warm All Year Long"
We install our central air condition system in 2008 and we haven't really looked back since. We are very pleased with our Honeywell Central Air Heating system. We were a bit skeptical when the system was first being put in but, once the system was running for the first, we were absolutely delighted. We live in CA and temperatures seem to be getting hotter and hotter each year so central air is important to us. The system makes our house like an ice castle and all of our friends and family consider the cool atmosphere a haven from the harsh heat outside. Even in the winter, our house stays warm and toasty as the heating features work just as well as the cooling features. The only downside to the system is that is has broken down a couple of times. But, they are good about sending out a serviceperson right away who fixes the problem right away. I would recommend Honeywell to anyone in the market.

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