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Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

Wall mounted air conditioners  are popular and cost-effective solutions for cooling rooms or spaces in a home. This article will provide an introduction to wall mounted air conditioners, explain how they work, look at how their energy efficiency is measured and cover the benefits and costs of these units.

What is a wall mounted A/C?

A wall mounted air conditioner is also known as through-the-wall AC, wall AC or wall sleeve AC. The cooling unit is installed into a wall function and not on the ground, which saves a lot of space. As such, these air conditioners are ideal for smaller spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, shops and server rooms. When mounted, one side is fully exposed to the interior room while the other is fully exposed to the outdoor space.

A wall air conditioner works by pulling hot air from your room and bringing it into the unit through louvers. The hot air runs through the coils, where the compressor cools it using refrigerant before a fan pushes it back into the room. As the unit works to keep your space cool, the motor that runs it produces hot air. This hot air is pushed out through vents located on the back of the unit to ensure it does not heat your room. Apart from simple installation, wall mounted air conditioners are popular because they are energy efficient, save space without compromising cooling performance, and you can still use your window. 

Types of wall mounted air conditioners

Each of these types is designed to be suitable for different users and conditions:

  • Wall mounted monoblock air conditioner: Just as the name suggests, this type of wall air conditioner consists of one block. Also known as high wall air conditioners, they are a great option for when the installation of an external condenser unit is not allowed.
  • Wall mounted split air conditioner: These ACs consist of a quieter wall unit and an outside condenser that is bespoke to the building. Depending on the model you choose, it may be equipped with remote control and a heat pump facility for heating during the cold months.

Wall mounted air conditioners are also categorized by their cooling capacity and energy-saving features. Modern air conditioners have variable speed motors, automatic fan delay switch, thermal expansion valves and two-stage cooling. Some wall mounted air conditioners have space heaters attached within the unit, so they can warm up your room as well.

Wall mounted air conditioner energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of a wall mounted air conditioner is measured in Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). Both units are calculated by dividing the cooling capacity of the air conditioner by the power input. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, determines the energy efficiency of the unit for the whole season. On the other hand, Energy Efficiency Ratio, or EER, determines energy efficiency at a given temperature. The best wall air conditioners for efficiency have higher SEER and EER ratings, meaning that they will use up less energy to keep your space cool. Generally, you should look for a minimum of 16 SEER when buying an air conditioner.

Benefits of a wall mounted air conditioner

Considering the benefits of wall mounted air conditioners, it is no surprise that they have become so popular among consumers. Regardless of where you live, buying the best through the wall air conditioner for your smaller spaces will enhance comfort and improve your experience.

Saves space

One of the most notable benefits of wall air conditioners is that they save space. Because these units exhaust heat and humidity through a vent in the wall, you will conserve floor space and keep your window free. 

Inexpensive to buy and operate

Compared to other types of air conditioners, wall air conditioners are relatively affordable. Since they only cool specific areas in compact spaces, the appliances are energy efficient. Using less energy means saving on utility bills. 

Smart home features

Most modern wall air conditioners offer a wide range of smart home features to finetune your comfort, including remote controls, more precise temperature control and dehumidification and sleep modes.

Better air quality

As modern wall air conditioners suck in air containing dust, odors and allergens. By filtering out some of the contaminants present in the environment, the air conditioners create a healthier atmosphere.

Quiet operation

Unlike older models with very loud fans, the majority of wall mounted air conditioners have excellent sound ratings. This is especially valuable for keeping a peaceful environment in home offices and bedrooms. 

Wall mounted air conditioner costs

The amount of money you pay for a wall mounted air conditioner will depend on the brand and model you choose. An 8,000 BTU wall AC will cost an average of $850, with installation costs adding a little over $300. Other costs, such as material and equipment, can push up the final cost to around $1,350 for a single unit. These units are energy-efficient, a factor that helps to keep the running costs low. Installing a through the wall heat pump will help you realize even more energy savings since it can be used during both winter and summer months.


What is a through the wall air conditioner?

A through the wall air conditioner, also known as a wall mounted air conditioner, is a cooling unit that is installed into the wall of a building. These air conditioners are self-contained and are usually designed for keeping smaller spaces cool. Through the wall air conditioners can be used in home offices, bedrooms, living rooms and other compact spaces.

What is the difference between window and wall air conditioners?

The main difference between these two types of air conditioning units is their location. While window air conditioners should be placed within the boundaries of a window frame, wall air conditioning units sit directly within the wall of the building.

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