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Trane XL18i Central Air Conditioner

#9 of 23 Trane Air Conditioners

Updated: Sep 9, 2016

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Overview of the XL18i

The Trane XL18i is a two-stage air conditioner with an efficiency rating of up to 18.00 SEER. The unit's Climatuff compressor automatically adjusts itself to provide constant temperatures and quiet operation. An integrated fan with a blade-down design reduces sound levels while improving efficiency, and an aluminum coil resists corrosion while enhancing heat transfer. Full-sided galvanized steel louvered panels with a baked-on powder paint finish and zinc-coated fasteners protect the unit from weather hazards and corrosion, and a DuraTuff basepan is designed not to crack, warp or corrode.

Consumer Reviews of the Trane XL18i

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  • Very Unsatisfied

Date created: 2016-09-09 Name: B. Lowell
Location: Houston, TX

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"Trane junk!"
This Trane XL18i is 3 years old. Maintained twice a year. I have replaced the compressor & the coils within 4 weeks of each other. I bought Trane because I wanted quality but I am rethinking that because my other Trane XL16i coils failed between the compressor & coil failure of the XL18i. The XL18i parts are under warranty but the labor & Freon have cost me several thousand dollars. To make matters worse the XL6i was not under warranty even though the unit was 6 years old. The XL16i only had a 5 year warranty. If I had known about these issues with these Trane air conditioners I never would have bought them. I won't buy Trane again. My model number on my XL18i is: 4TTX8048A1000AA, this number was not on the list of model numbers.

Date created: 2015-11-12 Location: Largo, FL

Satisfaction Rating:

4 of 5 stars

"I'm plenty cool, but it costs"
We've owned this air conditioner for about one year now, and it's gotten us through the most miserable Florida summer in recent memory. Our last air conditioner was on its last legs, so we sprung for a new one. We are looking to sell our home soon, too, and the system needed to be upgraded. This air conditioner will keep you frosty cold through the most hot and humid weather, definitely. It is more than adequate for our home. I am not happy with the cost of running it, however. It costs about $150 per month to run it at 78 degrees, which is not very cool. I believe this unit is somewhat efficient, and that our electricity is quite expensive, but as I failed to research this thoroughly, I cannot be sure. I do wish I had done a bit more studying up on the whole issue. My concerns are only related to the costs of running it. It runs like a top, it's silent, it's freezing cold (when set to freezing cold) and it has required no repairs or maintenance in the year we have had it. I would most likely buy this brand again, but I would do my research on efficiency first next time and so should you.

Date created: 2011-07-27 Name: Dave
Years owned: 6

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars

"Awesome System"
Got an XL18i and it's been great. Wonderful installation crew made sure install was done right. Electric bill dropped by over $120 per month from my prior unit which was a 15 year old Rheem. Can't say enough good things: looks great, very quiet, no repairs and saving me big bucks. If anyone is having warranty issues you need to pick the right installer: it's likely there was an installation error.

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Other XL18i Reviews

There are a couple of reviews on sites such as gardenweb.com and dslreports.com from homeowners asking for opinions on systems that include the XL18i. Most responses say that before making the decision it's important to have a load calculation done to make sure the system is properly sized for the house.

XL18i Warranty

Product registration is required within 60 days of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Trane XL18i air conditioner is comprised of the following:

  • 12-year limited warranty on the compressor
  • 10-year limited warranty on the outdoor coil
  • 10-year limited warranty on internal functioning parts

Labor costs are not covered by the warranty. Optional extended warranties which can pay for labor and other costs not covered by the manufacturer's warranty are available.

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