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Consumer Reviews of Trane central air conditioners

#41  of 68 brands of central air conditioners
31% of customers recommend
2 of 5 stars 550 reviews

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Date created: 2010-12-06 Name: Deepak gaurav
Location: Panjim GOA

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"TRANE climate changer air handler model DWAA 1109HA5 A SPARE PARTS DETAIL"
Wanted an MODEL- DWAA 1109HA5 A SPARE PARTS DETAIL ( Quantum Climate Changer Air Handler )

Date created: 2010-11-30 Name: J Smith
Location: Tyler, Tx

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

It is indeed hard to stop a trane, because it is harder to get it started. Ix1200 is a piece of junk. Has 3rd compressor, heater motor, heater control board, and all double the parts price of the competitors.
Date created: 2010-11-30 Name: l. wolby
Location: la puente,

Satisfaction Rating:
4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

"Heat pump"
The heating/ air conditioning system is very good. It is quiet ,so you can leave it on while you are sleeping and not be disturbed when it turns on & off. It provides a comfortable environment all the time. My only complaint is that the company that installed the unit, and service it, does not seem to be trained by TRANE -- i think that it is analogous to having excellent food but a lousy cook.
Date created: 2010-11-27 Name: phillipgarland
Location: 16380 sw 84 pl Palmetto Bay

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"XL 2TT29060 SEER 16.5"
I bought this high efficiency 5 ton unit three years ago. The cost was 7,251. The additional cost would be well worth it since i would save enough on my electrical to eventually pay for the unit What a lie that was. From my first electric bill till now my bills have been much higher. I have had the installer to come out and find out what is wrong since it does not cool very well here in Miami.So far all I've gotten is service bills and no results The last bill was 391.00 and no results. Don't buy Trane! Forget the warranty, It'e worthless.
Date created: 2010-11-20 Name: David Wood
Location: Lewisville, TX

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Orignal unit built with hom"
The unit says it was made in 1996. I am pretty sure house was built in 1998. It is now November 2010 and unit is still going. I will upgrade next year but only to get more energy efficient.
Date created: 2010-11-09 Name: G McRae
Location: Kernersville NC

Satisfaction Rating:
3 of 5 stars Neutral

"Want to the best"
Want to buy the best so I wanted to see what people had to say that have a Trane.
Date created: 2010-10-29 Name: berledys
Location: spring hill, fl

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

We decide to get a new Ac for our house, well after three months of having the Trane, I notice a bad smell in my house my daugther of three months at that time was getting really sick with bronchitis and neumonia, we call the trane company many times about the smell, and every single one said that was bacteria,Bacteria? in a new unit,this one on for several months,so I star notice black mold around the vents so we call again one of the guys how works there told my husband that they are not allowed to call it mold so they call it bacteria.just to make the history short. our house is cover with black mold the one how give you cancer in the lungs and bronchitis and neumonia, so is been a year since this happen. the trane company sold us a unit that was to big for our house causing our house to have mold the are not gonna pay for the damage plus they are not gonna replace the unit.We are living in a rental house since sept of 2009.with not much money to fix our house.what a bad nightmare.
Date created: 2010-10-27 Name: Frank Zappia
Location: [email protected]

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Homeowner with tranemodel4twr3036 2years old"
I have been without a/c since oct.22nd 2010 and senica a/c service ,whom i bought it from said the factory could not get me a new coil until nov. 17th. they said that you have a problem with this part! terrible service.
Date created: 2010-10-26 Name: B. SMITH

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

Date created: 2010-09-28 Name: Martin Joyce
Location: Bradenton

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Variable speed air handler problems"
Much the same story others have told. Evaporator coil is bad and for $1600 I will have a six year old unit with a new coil. This is the third part to fail on the air handler so I'm thinking of dumping the air handler and buying another to get the 10 year warranty.
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