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Ruud Air Conditioners

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Ruud Air Conditioners

Discontinued Series

Ruud manufactures three lines of eco-friendly air conditioning systems. The Ultra Series features the highest energy efficiency ratings, while the Achiever and Value Series both offer highly efficient, Energy Star qualified options. Each unit uses Ruud's patented exclusive Neutra Green® color system and Refrigerant 410A to avoid damaging effects to the environment.

Ruud Ultra Series

Ruud's most energy efficient product line, the Ultra Series, can have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of up to 19.5. Every unit in this series is equipped with the Comfort Control2 System which offers an on-board LED display screen, a fault recall program, automated compressor protection, and therefore increased system reliability.

Other features of the Ultra Series include low corrosion and sound reduction, humidity control, and a Dual Drive Scroll Compressor for optimal function.

Ruud Achiever Series

With a SEER rating of up to 14.5, the Achiever Series uses outdoor, wraparound coils to increase airflow and reduce energy consumption. This series is also equipped with Ruud's exclusive Scroll Compressor for what the company considers whisper-quiet operation and product longevity. An advanced scroll protection function, a broad range of cooling capacities, and a durable steel cabinet are among the features the Achiever Series has to offer.

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Ruud Value Series

Energy Star approved, the Ruud Value Series offers a more economical option for a high energy efficiency cooling system. The series has models with 13, 14, or 14.5 SEER ratings. Benefits of this model include a steel cabinet for protection against weather, a mounted motor to reduce sound and vibration, and an easily accessible service panel for quick maintenance.

Care and Maintenance

Homeowners can perform basic cleaning for their air conditioner, such as replacing the filter or clearing the area surrounding the unit, but Ruud recommends contacting local dealers for thorough care and maintenance services. An independent contractor can assist with repairs, part replacement, or energy efficiency questions, and ensure the unit is operating a maximum efficiency. Consumers can locate a dealer through Ruud's website.


While product warranties vary with individual products, all warranties must be registered through Ruud for homeowners to receive the full coverage for the unit. The Ultra and Achiever Series offers a 5 to 10 year conditional unit replacement warranty and 10 year limited parts warranty. The Value Series comes with a 5 year parts and compressor warranty or a conditional 10 year parts and compressor warranty. Ruud also offers extended service agreements that can be purchased for additional protection.

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