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Rheem Air Conditioners

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Rheem Air Conditioners

According to Rheem, its central air conditioners are efficient, reliable and durable units for single- and multi-family homes and small commercial properties. The internal components are surrounded by a weather-resistant steel cabinet and protective top grill. The cabinet of each unit allows for easy accessibility while the motors are protected by combination grille/motor mounts.

Prestige Two-Stage Air Conditioners

The RASL-JEC and RARL-JEC units in this series are quiet, two-stage units with a SEER of 19.5. These units come with the Comfort Control2 diagnostic system and Active Protection feature that ceases compressor function if a problem is detected and alerts the homeowner via the thermostat. The unit can be wired to non-communicating Prestige air handlers, furnaces and thermostats. Temperature and humidity are controlled by the 2-stage compressor and On-Demand humidifier.

With a SEER of 18.5, the RARL-JEZ and RASL-JEZ 2-stage units likewise come with the Comfort Control System and Active Protection features.

Prestige Series Single-Stage Air Conditioners

Rheem Central Air Conditioner
Rheem Classic Central Air Conditioner
Rheem Central Air Conditioner
Rheem 10 SEER Central Air w/Scroll Compressor

The RAPM-JEZ unit also comes with the Comfort Control System's diagnostic capabilities and Active Protection, as well as a Copeland scroll compressor. This line has a SEER up to 16.

Rheem Classic Series Air Conditioners

These single-stage air conditioners, including models RANL-JAZ and RAPM-JAZ, have a SEER rating of up to 16.5. They also feature a PSC fan motor that maximizes efficiency and minimizes sound.

Rheem Value Series Air Conditioner

With a SEER of 16, the 2-stage unit in this series boosts efficiency by operating only at the highest speed in hot conditions. Indoor humidity can be controlled if the unit is installed with the compatible Rheem air handler. The compressor comes with diagnostic technology to help minimize repair costs.

The single-stage unit in this series features the PSC fan motor to improve its efficiency while quieting operation noise.

Care and Maintenance of Rheem Central Air Conditioners

Rheem claims to offer one of the most reliable lines of products, requiring few repairs. Rheem products must be professionally and properly installed. It is important to discuss maintenance schedules with the installing contractor, while your dealer may extend optional protection programs.


Each air conditioner comes with a unique warranty ranging from 5 to 10 years of conditional replacement and/or parts. Product registration is required, and in some cases, additional Rheem products must be installed for warranty protection.

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