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Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

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Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi room air conditioners are available in a wide variety of models to accommodate a range of both installation and cooling needs. The company's products align with its "Mitsubishi Electric Quality" standard, a set of principles for achieving high comfort, efficiency and durability. Many Mitsubishi air conditioners come with air purification, deodorization and technologies that allow different functions to occur in separate rooms at the same time.

Mitsubishi Room Air Conditioners

Inverter models of room air conditioners in the M-series are available as wall-mounted, floor or 1-way cassette units, with cooling capacities from 1.5 to 7.1 kw. Some inverter models only have indoor units and some have outdoor units equipped with anti-freeze heaters. High-end units employ a large blower fan, allowing the motor to efficiently operate at a decreased speed without sacrificing cooling capabilities.

Fixed-speed room air conditioners are available for wall-mounted installation and have 2.0 to 8.0 kw capacities. Included in the variety of M-Series air conditioners are models offering an i-see Sensor temperature control and a Plasma Duo air filtering and purification system. Additionally, the "Mold Fighter" function is an option for decreasing mold spore growth.

Mitsubishi Packaged Air Conditioners

 [ Mitsubishi Series : Mr. Slim ]

The company's packaged units, branded as Mr. Slim, also come in several options. The S Series includes indoor inverter units with capacities ranging from 2.5 to 7.1 kw. The P Series includes several indoor power inverter units, available as 4-way cassettes, wall mounts, ceiling suspensions, concealed units, standing units and more. In addition, the standard inverter packaged units consist of an indoor unit with two outdoor units, while fixed-speed models have heat pump and cooling only units. Many of these units have a side-flow configuration and long piping lengths for easy and versatile installation, and feature automatic fan speed adjustment.

Small Multi-System Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi's MXZ Series of small multi-system air conditioners range from 3.0 to 14.0 kw. With eight models from which to choose, these units are compatible with the company's indoor units and are designed to fulfill multi-system air conditioning needs.

Large Multi-System Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi's CITYMULTI system outdoor units offer extremely quiet operation and coefficient of performances ratings that the company says are among the best in the industry. With 16 models from which to choose, the installation of this line is designed for flexibility making it adaptable to various conditions.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance of Mitsubishi air conditioners greatly varies among the models, although air filter cleaning and replacement for all indoor units is advised by the manufacturer. In some cases, the manufacturer suggests cleaning the interior of room units approximately every five years. It is important that the homeowner discuss maintenance with the seller as such care will be unique to the product and product combination installed.


Mitsubishi's packaged air conditioners come with a 5-year parts warranty that can be used only by the unit's original owner. If installation of the product is completed by a Diamond Contractor, coverage may be extended to 7 years. The compressor is covered for 7 years, and it is important to note the consumer must pay all labor costs. Warranty information for M-series models can be obtained from the dealer.

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