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Maytag Air Conditioners

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Maytag Air Conditioners

With several models from which to choose, Maytag says that it offers reliable, quiet air conditioners. These units are factory-checked 144 times to ensure quality, and are manufactured using Copeland Scroll compressors.

Maytag iQ Air Conditioners

Maytag claims its iQ line air conditioners are the industry's quietest units, producing 59 decibels during operation. In 2012, the 24.5 SEER product in this line was designated by Energy Star to be the most efficient. Maytag also manufactures an iQ gas/electric packaged unit capable of reaching 20 SEER and 81 percent AFUE. These models come with inverter-rotary technology capable of making constant adjustments to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. In addition to having a dehumidification mode, iQ models also have an innovative controller to oversee indoor conditions and provide maintenance and diagnostic information.

High-Efficiency Split-System Air Conditioners

These quiet, two-stage units provide consistent temperatures and comfort in the home. Many of these units, which reach anywhere from 14 to 16 SEER, are Energy Star-rated. When installed with other Maytag products such as coils, air handlers or the iSEER gas furnace, they can attain an efficiency rating of 16 SEER. The jacket and aluminum Microchannels in select units are corrosion-resistant.

Standard-Efficiency Split-System Air Conditioners

The company's standard-efficiency split system units earn ratings of 13 SEER. These units feature a permanently lubricated PSC motor. The jacket is coated with corrosion-resistant paint, and a corrosion-resistant, durable coil guard and hail guard offer dependable protection from weather-related damage.

Packaged Air Conditioners

Maytag's packaged units reach from 13 to 15 SEER and 80 percent AFUE, and most bear the ecologic Green Seal. Many of these units feature optional backup heat consisting of an electric strip capable of producing 20 kW of heat. A swept fan blade ensures quiet and efficient operation. In some models, Anteater MC Micro-Channel coils provide considerable corrosion resistance, and all packaged units come with a coil-protecting wire guard and rust-resistant hail guard. To enhance corrosion resistance, a 1.5-mm-thick salt-spray finish coats the jacket.

Care and Maintenance of Maytag Air Conditioners

Annual maintenance from a service technician is recommended by the manufacturer for any of these air conditioners. The service technician will clean the indoor evaporator coil and blower assembly, as well as perform routine checks of the refrigerant levels, unit operation and electrical connections.


Maytag offers two warranties for air conditioners. M1200 units come with a 12-year limited parts warranty and a 12-year Dependability Promise stating that the entire unit will be replaced if the compressor fails. If the product is not registered within 60 days of installation, the Dependability Promise is reduced to the standard 1-year coverage. The M120 models have a 12-year limited parts warranty and a 1-year Dependability Promise.

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