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Intertherm S3QA Central Air Conditioner

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Updated: May 21, 2013

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Overview of the S3QA

The Intertherm S3QA air conditioner is a 10 SEER split-system unit designed for manufactured homes. This discontinued product, which had been manufactured by Nordyne, was available with cooling capacities ranging from 23,600 to 54,000 BTU/H, depending on the individual model.

The 1.5-mil-thick jacket of the S3QA is made of galvanized steel with a polyurethane finish. Each unit undergoes a 950-hour salt spray finish to ensure its corrosion resistance. The PSC motor is permanently lubricated, the compressor was designed for the highest efficiency in its day, and the unit comes equipped with copper tubing with aluminum fins. The coil and fan guard are protected by wraparound plastic, and the coil is also protected from hail damage by plastic mesh.

In order to achieve quiet operation, the S3QA has a balanced fan motor assembly and specially designed condenser orifice. For easy installation, quick connect refrigerant couplings are used and, for better service access, the top grill and service access panel can be removed individually.

Consumer Reviews of the Intertherm S3QA

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Date created: 2012-06-25 Name: adam
Location: ms

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Bad product"
This unit came with my brand new mobile home six years ago. we have had nothing but trouble out of it. we are always having to do something with it. coils, blower motor, wiring, and the list goes on. recently it has been leaking water all on the floor and costing thousands in damage. I have cleaned coils once every six months and also changed filters once a month. still the coils have managed to get clogged up. I hope intertherm goes out of buisness, because they can't make a good a/c unit.

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Other S3QA Reviews

Reviews on the internet are scarce, yet this Intertherm unit is regarded as a “decent brand, but not efficient.” Many online reviewers say that the economic upfront price of the unit may hide the fact that its long-term operation can be expensive.

General problems reported on forums such as involved faulty circuit boards, bad capacitators and fan motors developing high head pressure. A less common complaint comes from one homeowner whose compressor made only a buzzing sound without engaging the fan; after resetting circuits and other attempts at repair, a look from a professional contractor revealed that the wiring had been chewed by a rodent.

Intertherm S3QA Model Numbers

The S3QA is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
S3QA-024KA 10 23,400
S3QA-030KA 10 28,600
S3QA-036KA 10 34,600
S3QA-042KA 10 40,000
S3QA-048KA 10 47,000
S3QA-060KA 10 54,000

S3QA Warranty

The Intertherm S3QA has a 1-year limited parts warranty and a 5-year warranty on the compressor.

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