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Consumer Reviews of International Comfort Products central air conditioners

#50  of 69 brands of central air conditioners
28% of customers recommend
2 of 5 stars 7 reviews

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Date created: 2018-11-02 Name: Prasad
Location: Tampa, FL

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Junk product"
This is a junk ac. Never buy this product. My ac repairman, Eddie in Tampa, installed this for almost for $6,500. I trusted Eddie. I think I got cheated. Ac unit failed in less than 6 months. I strongly recommend you return your ac and buy a brand name product. The dealer info on the product registration is shown as - AC Repairs, Inc., 1519 CAMPHOR COVE DR, LUTZ, FL, 33549 USA (813) 909-0809 [email protected]

Date created: 2018-07-08 Name: Tushar Patel
Location: Ontario

Satisfaction Rating:
2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

"Damage on Air Conditioner Compressor"
I purchased and installed from Unique Refrigeration & AC Company. I found damage on he air conditioner compressor product after installation.
Date created: 2018-05-28 Name: R. MOLL
Location: Lakeland, TN

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"My Big Mistake"
First coil installed on April 8, 2011 (New). Second coil installed on March 26, 2012. Third coil installed on February 25, 2017. Fourth coil installed on ?????????? This unit is a piece of junk. What makes it so bad is the company won't reimburse you for the 410 and labor to change the coil out. Never seen so many defective coils.
Date created: 2017-07-11 Name: Bob Mosley
Location: Irvine, CA

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"AC Horrible product"
Compressor went out after 13 months. Very difficult to get replacement compressor. Don't buy!!!
Date created: 2016-10-18 Name: A Sorondo
Location: Sanford, FL

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Poor customer service"
Poor customer service from ICP and ******-******. I purchased an ICP EcoTemp A/C unit, with a 10-year parts warranty, for our house in February, 2013. Last week, our A/C stopped blowing cold air, so I tried calling the installer, ******-****** from Debary, but was unable to contact them, as their phones were down. I then contacted another company that diagnosed the problem and replaced the run capacitor…a $40 part. I then contacted ICP directly to file a warranty claim for the capacitor and, after speaking with a customer service rep, I was transferred to Stephanie, a Senior Customer Service Rep. She explained to me, in a very defensive manner, that ICP had no obligation to honor the parts warranty, that was clearly stated on the bill of sale, as I was not an installer or distributor. I explained to her that I was unable to contact the installer, and explained to her that I just wanted a replacement part for the capacitor, so that I could have a spare in the event this problem happened again. She told me to call a qualified installer/dealer as they were the only ones that could file a warranty claim. Upon calling another qualified installer, they wanted to charge a service call and time/materials to “diagnose” the problem. I explained that the A/C was already fixed and I just wanted a replacement part for the capacitor…they still wanted to charge upwards of $200…for a $40 part. When I finally was able to reach ******-******, Brian became very adversarial and could not understand why I was bothering him for an issue that was already fixed and why I was hung up on a $40 part. I explained to him that I just wanted the part replaced under the 10-year parts warranty, and I would be happy to mail the defective part to him. He repeatedly asked me why I was so hung up on a $40 part, and I explained to him that I wanted to have a spare for future issues, which he said is likely to happen because capacitors go out all the time. In fact, he “carries a bunch of them in my truck because they go out so frequently”. It is sad that I spent over $4,000 for a unit that comes with a warranty that I am unable to use because of extremely poor customer service. ICP and ******-****** has lost a future customer, and anyone that asks me about an A/C unit…over a $40 part.
Date created: 2015-11-20 Location: Clayton, AL

Satisfaction Rating:
4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

"Great Central Air Unit, Too Large for Apartment"
I've owned the air conditioner since April of 2011. I love the fact that it was brand new and I knew it would work efficiently. I dislike the fact that the unit was designed to heat/cool a much larger home. It tends to be loud and shuts on and off too frequently because it blows out much more than needed. I never feel like my home is properly heated because it comes on so often. It tends to make my utility bill much higher during winter months. Summer months are fairly hot here and it doesn't take long to reach dangerous heat indexes. Sometimes, I have to shut it completely off because it's so cold inside. I would recommend the brand to someone who has a home large enough to allow the air conditioner to work properly. Small houses or apartments will only make the unit come on and off too frequently.
Date created: 2015-10-30 Location: Auburn, KY

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"New and Improved"
We just recently installed this new central air conditioning earlier this month. After our old one had almost bit the dust, we decided it was time for a change, and we couldn't be happier! This system has a much larger output, provides warmer/cooler air, and runs much less than our old air conditioning system. I absolutely love the digital thermostat, and one of my favorite features is that the thermostat connects with a temperature gauge on the outside of our house, allowing us to know the temperature and humidity before we even step outside. The only thing I dislike about it is that the new unit is quite large and noticeable, making for less pleasing landscape, but I think we will manage for better indoor climate control. I would absolutely recommend this brand and system to a friend, it is top of the line!

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