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Consumer Reviews of Goodman central air conditioners

#49  of 67 brands of central air conditioners

26% of customers recommend
2 of 5 stars 881 reviews

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Date created: 2006-07-12 Years owned: 5

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

A/C unit really failed when first summer heat hit 30 days after possesion. D&D determined return air too small-replaced. Next year or so D&D replaced compressor, constant sv calls for not coOling, freon. A/C would not cycle off from 3 to 9 or 10 pm, neighbor's do, also Goodman. 2005 gave up on D&D called someone else, they "fixed leaks." A/C cooled fair all summer, failing again 06. called another Co.,4 lbs freon, says we need to buy a new unit, 39 to $4400 WE NEED HELP!

Date created: 2006-06-24 Years owned: 3

Satisfaction Rating:

2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

I have a Janitrol ductless split system air conditioner. We have had it for about three years. We have had to call for service every year. Today I tried turning it on and "nothing!". The remote controler display is working but I can't get anything to work (auto, fan,...) I tried the on\off button on the front of the unit. Nothing happens. I check the fuse box and there is no problem with the fuses. I log on to the Janitrol website and the Goodman website looking for an operating manual to determine if I'm doing something wrong. I can't find the manual. I click on the link to customer service for Goodman Mangufacturing. This only gets me to a screen asking for my user name and password. Since I've never been on the site before, I type in the user name and password I typically use with no result. (It wouldn't accept them) I probably haven't had the unit on for more than a total of 400 hours. Between the unreliability of the unit and the inability to find the users manual on line, I'm hot. (In more ways than one.)

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