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Consumer Reviews of Danby central air conditioners

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Date created: 2011-06-16 Location: Philadelphia, PA

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Excellent Air Conditioner for Old Windows"
When I moved back in to my dad's home, his windows were too old and were not designed to put in an air conditioner. I found the Darby Premiere model on craigslist and it has been excellent in its ability to cool off a room. The air conditioner works by putting in a vent on the window with two tubes attached to the air conditioner. Water has to be drained from it after working for a few hours, but the water is very clean and it can be bumped in a shower drain. Living on the east coast, summer's can be brutal and the Darby Premiere has been a savior. I've had the Darby Premiere for two years now without any repairs and I love how fast it cools off a room. If I could change anything on it, it would be to have it run without collecting water to drain. I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends.

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