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Comfortmaker Air Conditioners

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Comfortmaker Air Conditioners

Discontinued Series

Comfortmaker manufactures basic, standard, mid-line, and top-of-the-line cooling units. All their units carry up to an 18 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The company's SoftSound SXT+ series is its top-of-the-line cooling unit. Basic options, such as the horizontal and mini split systems, offer relatively simple and affordable solutions to efficient household cooling.

Comfortmaker SoftSound SXT+ 2-Stage Air Conditioners

With a deluxe sound blanket, two-speed motor fan, and aerodynamic air discharge design, the SoftSouth SXT+ is known for its quiet operation and the highest rating in energy efficiency. This Energy Star-approved series comes in units with a 16 and 18 SEER rating and uses a 2-stage scroll compressor to reduce overall energy use and maintain a consistent temperature.

The SoftSouth SXT+ Comfort Alert II system provides an easy maintenance diagnostics system, and a durable, powder-coated steel cabinet for maximum protection.

Comfortmaker SoftSound SX Air Conditioners

With 13, 14, and 16 SEER ratings, SoftSound SX offers a variety options for consumers looking for energy efficient cooling. This series advertises easy maintenance and accurate diagnostics using the Comfortmaker's Comfort Alert System. The SX also features a Plug and Play component that simplifies wiring and provides easy access for service technicians.

Comfortmaker Entry Level Air Conditioners

Consumers seeking a basic and economical cooling unit with high energy efficiency should turn to Comfortmaker's entry level line. Manufactured in a 13 or 16 SEER, this model is made with a durable, galvanized steel cabinet and coated inlet grille for the purpose of protecting the unit. Corrosion-resistant coil fins and a scroll compressor designed for efficient and quiet operation are additional features in this series.

Comfortmaker Horizontal Air Conditioners

Comfortmaker's horizontal air conditioners offer a flexible solution to energy efficient cooling. Ranging from a 13 to 14.5 SEER rating, these compact units can be stacked or installed on the roof, ground, balcony, under a deck, or through an exterior wall. The series includes a galvanized, powder-coated steel casing, factory installed filter-drier, and a low-velocity air discharge for quiet operation.

Comfortmaker Mini Split Air Conditioners

Comfortmaker manufactures a line of mini split air conditioners designed for easy maintenance, installation, and service. With a SEER rating of 13, these units are designed to operate softly and provide maximum air circulation. This series is available in a 3/4-ton up to a 3-ton capacity and boast simple, ductwork-free installation.

Care and Maintenance

Consumers should perform routine maintenance and have their cooling unit inspected once a year by a qualified service technician. To find a local HVAC contractor, visit Comfortmaker's "dealer locator" function on its corporation website.


Comfortmaker's cooling units are equipped with a 10-year parts limited warranty if the product is registered within 90 days of installation. Without timely registration, the warranty term is 5 years.

A No Hassle Replacement limited warranty is also offered for base, standard, mid-line, and top-of-the-line products. The warranty length varies upon the tier of product purchased. Proof of yearly maintenance is required to keep the warranties valid.

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