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Gibson Central Air Conditioner Overview

Gibson Heating and Cooling Products is owned by Nordyne, which also owns such brands as Frigidaire, Kelvinator and Westinghouse. Nordyne has been in business since 1919, when it was called International Oil Heating Co. Gibson claims to use computer-automated testing on each unit to prevent human error in inspection. All Gibson air conditioners are manufactured with Demand Flow Technology, which is intended to provide consumers with high-functioning products at competitive prices. Nordyne (Gibson) has been recognized by the compressor manufacturer Copeland several times for having the lowest compressor failure rate among air conditioning manufacturers.

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Consumer Reviews of Gibson


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Reviews by Central Air Conditioner Series


Gibson 15/16 SEER

The Gibson 15/16 SEER air conditioner can achieve a SEER of up to 16, as the name suggests. The 15/16 SEER is a two-stage system that operates with variable speed to give the homeowner comfort throughout the cooling cycle. The Gibson 15/16 SEER utilizes R410-A refrigerant. The unit housing is steel to protect the parts from the elements.

Gibson 14 VS SEER

The Gibson 14 VS SEER operates using single-stage technology, combined with variable speed. The addition of variable speed provides more comfort than a base model air conditioner. This unit also comes with R410-A coolant. The Gibson 14 SEER has a SEER score of 14, and is also protected by steel housing.

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Gibson 13 SEER-14 SEER

Gibson’s base model is a fixed speed, single-stage system. This air conditioner can achieve a SEER of up to 14. The exterior of the unit is steel. The Gibson 13 SEER-14 SEER is the only air conditioner available with either R410-A coolant or R-22, which depletes the ozone and is being phased out of production.

Care and Maintenance of Gibson Air Conditioners

A yearly inspection by an HVAC professional is suggested for optimal performance. The air conditioning unit should be installed with a matched air handler in order to qualify for all warranty guarantees.


The customer must register the warranty online within 60 days of installation. All parts are covered for 10 years. If the compressor fails within the first year, Gibson will replace the entire unit. The local Gibson dealer may offer extended warranties; customers can ask the installing technician for this information.

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Gibson Central Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Nothing but problems."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had my heat pump central air for about a year. I have nothing but problems. It is losing freon but no one knows where. Everything has been replaced twice. And no one know how to fix it. The guy that installed is the one losing the money due to the fact that Gibson doesn't help him out. The outside unit doesn't work right now so I have been on auxiliary heat all winter and my electric bills have doubled. What a serious waste of money. Will never get another Gibson.

J Geist

"Piece of junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

New 3 years ago. Every year it needs to be refilled. Leaks all the time. This year, 2016, it needed to be refilled two times. It's being replaced now. Nothing but a piece of junk. Gives American businesses a bad name because they are willing to sell junk that they know is junk. Don't buy a Gibson A/C unit, if you do you'll regret it.

R Cook

Middletown, PA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit has been nothing but trouble since we had it put in. And now here it is over 90 degrees and it has gone out again.

W Ledford


"Piece of shit, Gibson sold it knowing it was not right"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit was installed a year ago. It was sold at ******** in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with them knowing that this model had the problem. When the installer sets Freon pressure for summer it works but as soon as it turns cold you have to let Freon out to get it to run because of high pressure. So when I call ******** they know about the problem already but will do not anything. So as far as I am concerned when you buy Gibson it may work or it may not. It's a piece of shit, you get it as is so good luck

D Kissell

Riceville, TN

"Very good units"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am a professional installer. I have an associate degree in HVAC, I am a Union Plumber. I am a Master Plumber. I also have a degree in electronics. I am reading these reviews and I believe the problems are with the person installing the equipment. If it is installed wrong, or undersized or oversized, then the equipment will not last. I am sure the home owners had a lack of quality service done on the equipment. Leaks in the line sets are problems with the installer. Equipment that is installed correctly should never leak refrigerant gas, aka Freon. Do your homework before having equipment installed. Ask around who people recommend.


Johnstown, PA

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