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ne is a part of Allied Air Enterprises, which is a Lennox International Inc. Co. Customers can choose from five different lines of Ducane air conditioners, which Ducane classifies in the categories of “good,” “better” and “best.” All Ducane units are manufactured in Blackville, S.C.

Ducane 4AC18 High-Efficiency 18 SEER

Ducane’s top-of-the-line model is its 18 SEER air conditioner, which features a two-stage scroll compressor. The compressor runs on a low speed much of the time to save energy, as well as operate quietly. A diagnostics board on the unit allows the customer or HVAC technician to see whether or not there is a problem quickly. The 18 SEER uses R410-A.

Ducane 4AC16 High-Efficiency 16 SEER

The 16 SEER by Ducane is part of the company’s “best” category of air conditioning units. This unit operates using R410-A as well, and features the two-stage scroll compressor for humidity control and sound-blanketed operation. A diagnostics board can also be found on this model.

Ducane 4AC14 High-Efficiency 14 SEER

The 14 SEER by Ducane is the only air conditioner the manufacturer offers today in the “better category.” This unit also is known as the “L” model. The 14 SEER is able to achieve a SEER of up to 15. The 14 SEER unit features a single-stage compressor, as well as an easily removed coil guard for maintenance.

Ducane 4AC13 13 SEER

The Ducane 13 SEER falls into the “good” category. This older model of air conditioner from Ducane uses R-22 refrigerant, a coolant banned by the Environmental Protection Agency in new models. The 13 SEER can achieve a SEER of up to 14. The units are available in 1.5 to 5 tons nominal capacity.

Care and Maintenance of Ducane Air Conditioners

The installing HVAC technician should provide care and maintenance instructions with a new Ducane air conditioner. Proper maintenance must be followed for warranty coverage.


Ducane provides a five-year warranty for all covered parts and the compressor. Online registration is not required, but the owner should keep proof of the installation date and all maintenance records.

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Ducane Central Air Conditioner Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Absolutely ridiculous customer service. Was promised a call back within 24 hours over a week ago!!! Have also followed up with the distributor and installer. All of us have called numerous times! This is the 2nd time this junk unit has broken since it was installed 3 years ago! It's been 88 degrees in my house at night. I'm working up to 16 hours a day and can't even rest in comfort for the few hours I get to sleep! I will be contacting the bbb tomorrow also. This unit is under warranty and leaking freon.



"Pos stay away"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

First compressor failed. Second compressor failed. Onto the third, third year of ownership. Stay away!

Brad Logel

Bridgeville, PA

"Ducane junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have purchased over 30 Ducane A/C units. They are problematic, ill conceived and after a few years, junk.

John Bielinski

Las Vegas, NV

"Hundreds installed – zero warranty"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Proper installation means good performance and fewer breakdowns. Did you know that in 60% of the states you do not need to be licensed to do HVAC? (Therefore any person with a set of tools can attempt to do it properly, but few do). Did you know that 9 out of 10 air conditioners are installed improperly according to industry surveys therefore affecting longevity and performance? Did you know that the Ducane is a Lennox product that has all the same parts as other Lennox models? We could buy and install any product we want including Trane, Carrier or other brands. But we choose the Ducane (and Airease) model because it is well-built and dependable. Why would we want to install a product that didn't perform well? Nearly all of our business is referral – so happy customers equals booming business. Unfortunately in many states Lennox has set up distributors that will sell to anybody that can breathe. They don't allow them to have the flagship name Lennox product but they allow them to have the Ducane and twin Concord product. The only difference is the nameplate – and these are also sold under the Aire-Flo brand. Before I became an HVAC contractor I trained contractors for the factory in the Southeast on Lennox products including Ducane. The sad fact is many people don't have the skill or take the care to ensure all the things are installed properly. Once contractors learned how to properly install them the failure rates dropped dramatically. It is simply a case of they didn't know what they didn't know. Not many people understand that you hire a contractor for his skill and knowledge, not because he can carry the unit off the truck and melt a couple of copper pipes together. However it is difficult for homeowners to filter out the bad apples from the good ones. The warranty rate is typically very low on these products when installed properly, but very high when they are not. It is indeed a fact that the wrong units are often installed together, wrong amount of Freon put in them, wrong size air filters and ducts (which causes the unit to choke, malfunction and burn out), even new units installed with old sections of equipment because someone says, "Yep it will be fine" When working for the factory in South Carolina I often observed units that were sent back under warranty to the test labs. 98 times out of 100 the units fired up and worked perfectly! The fact is the contractors didn't install them properly, causing them to fail. Installation skill and knowledge is everything!

Bob Roy

Roswell, GA

"Do not buy this brand"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had this system for almost five years and it is a piece of junk. Every summer for the past two years there has been something wrong with it and the parts that are need are either not under warranty or the warranty just ran out. I think there should be a recall on this product or take it off the market.

S Hill

Jonesboro, AR

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