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ne is a part of Allied Air Enterprises, which is a Lennox International Inc. Co. Customers can choose from five different lines of Ducane air conditioners, which Ducane classifies in the categories of “good,” “better” and “best.” All Ducane units are manufactured in Blackville, S.C.

Ducane 4AC18 High-Efficiency 18 SEER

Ducane’s top-of-the-line model is its 18 SEER air conditioner, which features a two-stage scroll compressor. The compressor runs on a low speed much of the time to save energy, as well as operate quietly. A diagnostics board on the unit allows the customer or HVAC technician to see whether or not there is a problem quickly. The 18 SEER uses R410-A.

Ducane 4AC16 High-Efficiency 16 SEER

The 16 SEER by Ducane is part of the company’s “best” category of air conditioning units. This unit operates using R410-A as well, and features the two-stage scroll compressor for humidity control and sound-blanketed operation. A diagnostics board can also be found on this model.

Ducane 4AC14 High-Efficiency 14 SEER

The 14 SEER by Ducane is the only air conditioner the manufacturer offers today in the “better category.” This unit also is known as the “L” model. The 14 SEER is able to achieve a SEER of up to 15. The 14 SEER unit features a single-stage compressor, as well as an easily removed coil guard for maintenance.

Ducane 4AC13 13 SEER

The Ducane 13 SEER falls into the “good” category. This older model of air conditioner from Ducane uses R-22 refrigerant, a coolant banned by the Environmental Protection Agency in new models. The 13 SEER can achieve a SEER of up to 14. The units are available in 1.5 to 5 tons nominal capacity.

Care and Maintenance of Ducane Air Conditioners

The installing HVAC technician should provide care and maintenance instructions with a new Ducane air conditioner. Proper maintenance must be followed for warranty coverage.


Ducane provides a five-year warranty for all covered parts and the compressor. Online registration is not required, but the owner should keep proof of the installation date and all maintenance records.

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Ducane Central Air Conditioner Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Brought first new a/c unit 2010 31/2 ton. Another new unit 2015 now having to replace compressor on this unit. 2 new units and compressor in 8 years. My old unit was 15 years old and working fine. Wanted to upgrade from a 10 seer to a newer 13 seer unit. Buyers beware of this a/c unit

gary g

Dallas, TX


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am a licensed HVAC mechanical contractor in Pittsburgh.Reading all of these negative reviews by Uneducated, Unskilled customers..makes me laugh..It's not the equipment that's bad…it's your installation that's bad. Listen I've been in the business for 37 years…and love Ducane equipment (it's a lennox) without the higher cost…There are a handfull of manufacturers that make all hvac equipment for Everybody…ALLIED,NORDYNE, (Now Nortec), icp etc…Anyway you need to have trained legitimate tech's putting this stuff in for you…NOT The handyman.. Linesets need beaded not soldered. High pressure Nitrogen test to insure no leaks…pull a vaccum on linesets to get all moisture,impurities OUT…add freon correctly…INSTALLATION Is 90%….equipment is 10% of the job. All warranties. ALL Brands are 10 years..MOST Of these reviews are bad installation.. You should Never have to add refrigerant unless you have a leak….clogged orifice? They used solder.. Bad compressor? Contaminated system They didn't pull a vacuum. Ducane is excellent equipment I use it often. Do your homework get a qualified install and you'll be fine no matter what the brand.

Corey Carreiro


"Diva me a/c Garbage 100%"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

So My landlord had a guy name Randy Murillo with Randy's a/c service which works with Ducane come to my house and install the unit inside and outside brand new worst decision of my life I should've just kept the old one it worked a lot better this is a 2.5 ton I got installed about two months ago and seen him over 20 times it does not cool down the house I don't think it would even cool down a one bedroom apartment never mind a three-bedroom house Ducane is by far the worse company to ever make air Conditioning units if you want a long time of headache go ahead by a Ducane and you will find out i'm ready to break my lease and move out of my house it's so bad I had one there before it was about 20 years old I much rather get that one back if I was able to Of course they feed you it comes with one year warranty but if you have to come out 20 times in two months it's not even worth it and here I am it says 70 on the thermostat but it feels 78 the unit is terrible does not work at all I feel like I have no a/c And in Orlando Florida it gets hot so for anyone reading this review I highly recommend staying away from the brand okay, they're the worst in the business. If you have any questions you can contact me at [email protected] can't even find an official website for Ducane smh now that's B.s😡😡😡


Orlando, FL


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought the complete unit two years ago and have had to have it worked on at least five times now with the technician finding issues like : low refrigerant twice, blocked orifice, bad fan blade?, And replacing the a coil. The unit has never performed well since day one. I have read several reviews on here about the installation and how if installed incorrectly you will have problems my question is why are the other companies not getting the same complaints as Ducane and Lennox 2 out of 5. These units are cheap to buy and the quality shows why they are so cheap. Even the energy guide shows that they are inefficient units causing electric bills to go up. Knowing what a problem this can be I will check myself and not take the first unit a repair company offers


Louisville, KY

"Unlicensed Contractor"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Contractor put in wrong size unit. Problems right after installation leaking, it needed a new Air Conditioner Condenser. The unit vibrates walls and floors. Contractor does not respond to me to fix it. I found out too late…he was an unlicensed contractor. The problems I have, especially with the unit and walls vibrating, are the result of this man and his workers not knowing what they are doing. Yet, taking money for a job that was done badly.

Sondra Largent

Orlando, FL

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