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ne is a part of Allied Air Enterprises, which is a Lennox International Inc. Co. Customers can choose from five different lines of Ducane air conditioners, which Ducane classifies in the categories of “good,” “better” and “best.” All Ducane units are manufactured in Blackville, S.C.

Ducane 4AC18 High-Efficiency 18 SEER

Ducane’s top-of-the-line model is its 18 SEER air conditioner, which features a two-stage scroll compressor. The compressor runs on a low speed much of the time to save energy, as well as operate quietly. A diagnostics board on the unit allows the customer or HVAC technician to see whether or not there is a problem quickly. The 18 SEER uses R410-A.

Ducane 4AC16 High-Efficiency 16 SEER

The 16 SEER by Ducane is part of the company’s “best” category of air conditioning units. This unit operates using R410-A as well, and features the two-stage scroll compressor for humidity control and sound-blanketed operation. A diagnostics board can also be found on this model.

Ducane 4AC14 High-Efficiency 14 SEER

The 14 SEER by Ducane is the only air conditioner the manufacturer offers today in the “better category.” This unit also is known as the “L” model. The 14 SEER is able to achieve a SEER of up to 15. The 14 SEER unit features a single-stage compressor, as well as an easily removed coil guard for maintenance.

Ducane 4AC13 13 SEER

The Ducane 13 SEER falls into the “good” category. This older model of air conditioner from Ducane uses R-22 refrigerant, a coolant banned by the Environmental Protection Agency in new models. The 13 SEER can achieve a SEER of up to 14. The units are available in 1.5 to 5 tons nominal capacity.

Care and Maintenance of Ducane Air Conditioners

The installing HVAC technician should provide care and maintenance instructions with a new Ducane air conditioner. Proper maintenance must be followed for warranty coverage.


Ducane provides a five-year warranty for all covered parts and the compressor. Online registration is not required, but the owner should keep proof of the installation date and all maintenance records.

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Ducane Central Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Amanda Joaquim"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have had trouble from the start. I have had the techs out 8 times in 2yrs. We have had to replace carpet, and a bed due to water damage. Now the same thing is happening all over again. New carpet will have to be put in. The techs are here, the coil is bad along with the unit. Heat is ok (That's great, But it is 98 here today)I would never let any family or friend buy a Ducane.

Amanda Joaquim


"Tee Boyd"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

In the three years we have had this piece of crap A/C and furnace we have had four service calls on it. Living in the AZ desert we have been 2 weeks with out air in August, our rainy season that runs in the 90's and 100's with high humidity. We were without heat in Jan. not too bad here with average temps in the 50's but still not acceptable, when we turned it on for this season a couple of months ago it was out of freon and again yesterday it is down. We can't get the guys that sold us this junker out for 4 more days which means another week with out A/C in the 106'S. Nice'. I want to throw this useless piece of junk out but I am stuck with it. I will never recommend Ducane or Dewoody A/C service to any one in Tucson or the world.

Tee Boyd

Tucson, AZ

"Mr. K. Reididnger"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Installed new 80% variable speed furnace and 13 S.E.E.R. Air conditioner. Could not be happeier. looked at 14 S.E.er. and 15 also but my savings here in illinois over 5 years was only $80.00 when you compared 13 seer to 14 seer. So that related to only $16.00 per year savings for 14seer over 13seer. Cost difference between 13 and 14 seer I would never re-coup my money. Looks like anything above 13 S.E.E.R. should not even be offered in Illinois

K. Reididnger

Belvedere, IL


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Ron Williams

Fullerton, CA


4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Hopefully optimistic


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