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Carrier Central Air Conditioner Overview

Carrier claims to be the company that invented air conditioning and maintains it’s been improving the process for more than one hundred years. If consumers are searching for energy efficiency, the Infinity line by Carrier has the highest ratings while the Performance Series and Comfort Series are economical options.

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Carrier Infinity Series Central Air Conditioners

Featuring a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of up to 21, the Carrier Infinity Series central air conditioner also functions at a noise level as low as 68dB. Quality indoor air, two-stage operation, and the advanced humidity capability are some of the other benefits of this series, along with the maximum performance from the exclusive Infinity control. The Infinity Series is equipped with a Silencer System II, a WeatherArmor Ultra System, enhanced diagnostics, and the environmentally sound Puron refrigerant, which has replaced Freon 22.

Carrier Performance Series

Reducing the noise level slightly, Carrier produces the Performance Series air conditioner at a quiet 67dB and a SEER rating of up to 18. Besides the efficient energy and sound levels, the Performance Series contains the WeatherArmor Ultra Protection System and Puron refrigerant.

Carrier Air Conditioner compressor

Carrier Performance Series Compact Central Air Conditioners

With its smaller size for convenience, the Performance Series Compact Central air conditioner can be placed on a roof or deck. Several key components are included in the compact unit from Carrier, such as a Silencer System II, the WeatherArmor Ultra Protection System, Puron refrigerant, a SEER rating of up to 15, and a low decibel level.

Carrier Comfort Series Central Air Conditioners

The Carrier Comfort Series central air conditioner was named for its economical cooling and is advertised to run as quietly as a dishwasher and save consumers utility costs with a SEER rating of up to 17. A WeatherArmor louvered coil guard and the Puron refrigerant are used in the manufacturing of the Comfort Series line.

Carrier Base Series Central Air Conditioners

Carrier Base Series central air conditioners are low in cost, yet energy efficient with a SEER rating of up to 15, a WeatherArmor louvered coil guard, the Puron refrigerant, and they run at a noise level as low as 74dB as well. In order to resist salt water corrosion, Carrier offers a coastal model with WeatherShield coating.

Care and Maintenance of Carrier Air Conditioners

Preparing for a routine maintenance appointment is easier when following the Pre-Service Checklist available on the Carrier website. Yearly service checks are generally recommended for optimal functioning and a reduction in the possibility of any problems with a Carrier air conditioning unit.


Homeowners have a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty for all Carrier air conditioners that are properly registered within 90 days of purchase. Subsequently, a 5-Year Limited Warranty applies to the air conditioners that are not registered within 90 days. Limited Warranties can be extended with optional coverage protection and interested consumers are encouraged to learn more by visiting a nearby location or the official Carrier website.

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Carrier Central Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Real model not provided, but is 58STA070—1–16"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Air unit has already gone out 2x in less than 48 hours, and unit is less than one year old. Service man said outside of unit was dirty was reason it went out, and charged me $175.00 to hose off outside of cabinet! Hogwash! I have purchased many other brands over my working lifetime (50+ years) and have never had this problem, especially not in less than a year on a brand new unit! We live in a condo with a real small yard, so not like mowing has plugged it with debris! Carrier units now being made in Mexico causing severe quality problems?? Advising everyone I know (broadcasting via private messages, advising all to pass along) to stay away from anything made by Carrier! Dozens upon dozens of similar complaints made over past 3 years by other customers whose air unit keeps going out. So far, nothing done to resolve these quality issues?? Has cost me a small fortune already, so intend to see the manufacturer suffers, too. Spreading the word about inferior Carrier brand to everyone on or off Internet (advising friends by private messenger, and they will pass info along).

Sherry Lively


"Compressor Failure"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a Carrier ac unit that had a compressor failure less than two years after it was installed. The unit is protected by a surge protector, so the chance that a surge caused it is slim. I contacted the installer and they are getting a replacement compressor. My main complaint is the cavalier attitude of the Carrier customer service group. They are terrible to deal with. I am also having to pay for the labor and replacement Freon, which is over $1,300. This a unit that is less than 2 years old and should not have failed. I will not use another Carrier product and I will also post on as many review sites, negative reviews. The driver for the reviews are the horrible experience I had with customer service and the fact that the unit failed in less than 2 years. Carrier customer service told me that it would take 3 to 5 business days before they could send someone out to look at the unit to determine what caused the failure. I live in Texas and and August in Texas is downright hot. When I explained this to the customer service rep, the answer was that was the best they could do. Service and poor service life. Do not use Carrier products!

Bob Chmielewski

Houston, TX


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We replaced a quiet, 17-year-old Janitrol with this extremely noisy, brand new Carrier. It wakes me up during the night sometimes and it's so noisy out back by our porch, that when it comes on, we can't hear our radio. I can't believe that I have to listen to that noise for the next 10, 15 years! Also, we only had it for two weeks when it stopped cooling! Techs discovered that it had a cracked condenser, I believe that's what it was, and it had leaked all of the Freon! They had to order the part, and came back the next night to install, and it was in the mid 90's outside with no A/C. Now, after reading all these reviews, I'm kind of waiting for what's next. We are going to try to soundproof the closet that it's in and also build some type of soundproofing wall around the outside unit. More money that we shouldn't have to spend!

carol rose

Cocoa, FL

"Leaking coolant"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I'm currently experiencing the same things going on with my system as others have stated above. I've been in my home 6 years and my system continues to leak refrigerant. I made a complaint last year but was told the warranty had expired 2 months before the system stop cooling my home. This year I have called several times in which I've been giving little to no concern at all from carrier. I have spent well over $1200 not including labor charges getting refrigerant into the system to attempt to find the leak but no luck. My system is currently not working at this moment and I think its unfair to the homeowners to have a newly home and have to invest in another system/ repairs so soon/Please advise. I don't want anyone knocking walls down in my home because of the faulty air condition unit to find the leak and my still be unsuccessful. This is so stressful.

Neka cureton

North Carolina

"Bad coils again we pay carrier doesn�t"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Ac worked fine for a few years in our newly built house then Blower not working well & needed replacing. Then coil rusted through after 17 months of use (5summers in Michigan) all coolant leaked out of rusted coil then coil was replaced. At $700 our cost carrier won't pay for defective coil. Who want to do a class action lawsuit. Lennox got sued for faulty coils because of bad metal now carrier is doing the same to us. We have to do something



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