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Aire-Flo Central Air Conditioner Overview

Aire-Flo manufactures two air conditioners series–a 13 and 14 SEER line–designed for efficient home cooling. Both series are factory-tested to ensure proper operation before shipment.

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Reviews by Central Air Conditioner Series


13 SEER Air Conditioners

Aire-Flo’s 13 SEER series consists of seven different units varying in size ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons. Individual models stand as tall at 29 inches and as low as 25 inches. Units are constructed with a heavy-gauge pre-painted steel cabinet for increased protection.

The manufacturer reports that the 13 SEER models keep sound ratings as low as 74 decibels, due in part to a direct-drive fan that blows air and noise away from the home and a softly-operating compressor motor. The system also features a condenser coil and fan system with copper tubes and louvered fins for efficient heat transfer.

Central Air Conditioner
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14 SEER Air Conditioners

Similar to the 13 SEER series, Aire-Flo manufactures seven models of 14 SEER units. Units in this line likewise range from 1.5 to 5 tons, with the largest sitting at 32.5 by 32.5 inches. While models of that size receive sound ratings of 80 decibels, smaller units in this series have noise levels as low as 76 decibels.

Components of the 14 SEER series are consistent with the 13 SEER models and include a direct-drive fan; compressor motor designed for efficient, quiet operation; a corrosion-resistant cabinet; and a condenser coil and fan featuring copper tubes and louvered fins.

Care and Maintenance of Aire-Flo Air Conditioners

Aire-Flo suggests having a qualified service technician inspect the unit regularly, and that the homeowner perform basic maintenance in between a professional’s visits. Inspecting the air filters, cleaning the coil and checking the condensate drain are among the maintenance tasks advised.

Aire-Flo’s Air Conditioner Warranty

Both Air-Flo cooling units are equipped with a 5-year limited warranty on the compressor and remaining parts with registration within 60 days of installation. Extended warranties for this unit, including a 10-year limited warranty, also may be available through local Aire-Flo dealers.

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Aire-Flo Central Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Worst Ever"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The unit is five years old and has broke down eight times. Don't buy one!



"2nd Opinions are worth it!!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have been a technician for over 25yrs and believe that everyone needs to have a 2nd opinion. We provide a free 2nd opinion on all of our major repairs. I have also found that no brand is immune to having repairs done, whether minor or major. Even in the early years of being installed. We have found that the technicians installing the system has something to do with the systems longevity. We use nitrogen to run through the copper lines when welding to displace the oxygen and not create, for simplier terms, soot inside the lines. Which clog up metering devices and cappilary tubes. There are alot of ways to prevent issues and to many people take short cuts. Alot of the issues I see people writing about are the company's they are dealing with, not being thorough enough and using a company that would not even post there company name on the outside of ther truck. Just to let everyone know the units that you able to chose from at the start of this review are units they had some problems with. The company has listened to us as contractors and made the units quieter and more dependable. This is the type of manufacturer I like to deal with.

Robert B.

Topeka, KS

"Central air conditioner unit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

AIRE FLO Compressor went out after a little over 1 year, it was under warranty, but I was still charged $684.61 for shipping, labor and freon. Had to wait 6 days with no a/c in Louisiana for the compressor to get here.

Timothy S. Torrence

Larose, LA


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have installed airflow equipment and have been veryn satisfied with it. Sounds like most people are having technicians who don't know what they are doing. If someone needs a motor whether its blower condenser whatever I can get it within two hours. I don't have to wait for a truck. And just because a technician says a part is bad does not mean he really knows. AllwaYS GET A SECOND OPINION.

Brian Smith

new orleans la.

"Never buy this product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

In 2001 my home was destroyed by a tornado. with no place for my family to live we bought a double wide and this unit is what was installed. in it's first summer of 2002 i had to replace the compressor. and year after year it was always something else and the person hired (by the mobile home mfg) to install this on our home went bankrupt. the total replacements are the compressor, plus two repairs to the new one.2 fan motors, two relays/capacitors, the inside blower motor.( the fan wheel came off of the shaft and continued to turn while making contact with the blower housing, almost burned our house down) 2 heater sequencers. so after 9 years of service, it finally just died this last summer.If you choose an Aire flo you will be very very sorry. Did i mention that my summer electrical bill is about triple what i pay the rest of the year?

ron mcgee

star city, arkansas

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