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Consumer Reviews of Carrier central air conditioners

#51  of 69 brands of central air conditioners
26% of customers recommend
2 of 5 stars 267 reviews

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Date created: 2008-01-21 Name: Newton Fawcett
Location: Hattiesburg ,MS
Years owned: 10

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I have unfortunately been saddled with the Carrier Model 48SX024-060 (nearly identical to 48SS units) for 10 long years of frustration and horrible repair bills. The unit has never worked correctly from the day it was installed. The first failure was internal insulation becoming detached and blocking airflow (sloppy gluing at the factory). Next problem cropped up about two weeks after installation. The variable speed blower motor failed and was replaced under warranty. A year later that motor failed and was replaced ($600 + labor), then that motor failed. At this point i switched from a carrier dealer for service to a Trane dealer who had been a carrier dealer, but according to their service man they quit dealing Carrier units because of all the service headaches. I called the carrier dealer in McComb Ms and got instructions for converting my 600$ blower motor to a $79 one speed. At my urging, my service man made the conversion, about $600 and labor. At some point the induction blower motor also went out went out and was replaced and the carbon had to be cleaned out of the combustion chamber (about $300). After having the multispeed motor replaced with a single speed the unit worked on heat OK but was no better on cooling. From day one it was incapable of anything more than a 15 deg temperature reduction (outside temp 95 inside temp 80.) I had it checked for freon leaks, etc, but no one could find anything wrong other than the unit just did not function very well. Most recently the blower wheels have started falling apart.(They are pressed together lightweight galvanized metal-- No welds! (I've seen childrens toys that are better made) After replacing two of these blower wheels (about $250 parts and labor(mostly labor as the second wheel was replaced under warranty being only a couple months old) I called J. Johnson, President of Air Comfort systems in McComb MS and one of the State's largest Carrier dealers. He told me that he was unaware of any problems with the blower wheels but did find that Carrier had changed the part number and that there was a different wheel available now. I got the new part number and gave it to my faithful service man, Kenneth, (By then we were on a first name basis) who ordered it while I waited a week in sweltering weather with no air conditioning. Kenneth told me that they had replaced Carrier units at our large shopping mall with Trane units because of blower wheel failures and other repeated problems with the Carrier units. When Kenneth installed the latest blower wheel he showed me how flimsy the Carrier Blower motor housing was and he decided to beef it up with an added support. Then he discovered that the last blower wheel failure had bent the blower motor shaft and so the motor (now thankfully an inexpensive single speed), had to be replaced once more. This time the work was done gratis and I was not charged for parts. I guess they were feeling sorry for me, since they were a Trane dealer and not responsible for this piece of Carrier crap. Let me just summarize by saying that I have considered talking to a lawyer to see if i can recover anything from Carrier for what they have put me through. This Carrier self-contained unit is by far the lowest quality, high-priced product i have ever encountered. There is a bright side to the story though: I have saved some of my friends who were on the verge of having Carrier equipment installed from making that mistake. I will never buy another Carrier product as long as I live. What a total piece of junk. Oh, I should add that i had to install a couple of cheap window A/C units to supplement the pathetic cooling of the Carrier. The window units work just fine, and I can buy 50 of them for what I have invested in the Carrier Unit so far!. I noticed that on this site the only good review of Carrier came from a Carrier dealer -- how objective is that!

Date created: 2007-05-23 Name: M. Rose
Location: Belton, TX
Years owned: 4

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

Purchased Carrier for their name and paid a hefty price upfront but I live in Texas and I need reliability. Really like the system - never have to worry about the unit breaking or if it will cool my house during the hot Texas summers. I cannot say one bad thing about my 5 ton Carrier unit only good things. Big cost upfront but it seems to be worth it when you start to look at the other reviews here and the cost they actually end up with in the end - which very few take into consideration when purchasing a central air conditioner.
Date created: 2007-02-24 Name: D.
Years owned: 6

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

We purchased this Carrier WeatherMaker 38TUA with our house in 2000. In 1997 the previous homeowner purchased it as a replacement for the Trane system installed when the house was built in 1993. We've done absolutely nothing in the way of maintenance with this unit. The extended 10-year warranty purchased with the unit was transferred to us when we bought the house, and I'm happy to say it looks like it won't be used at all! I'll purchase the Carrier brand when we replace this unit because of the great experience we've had and the fact that our house was cool when others were not during last summer's hottest weather.
Date created: 2006-12-02 Name: mike ratican
Location: grovertown, in.
Years owned: 12

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

Installed in 1994 with new Carrier furnace (weather maker). Cleaned and maintained ahead of schedule - winterized and covered every year - basically babied. Problems every year since 1997 (3 years after install). To date, 3 fan motors have been replaced. Very expensive parts. Latest motor is the heaviest duty compatible GE we could find. At the end of this season, it appears the condensor is about to go. Like the matching Carrier furnace we just replaced after only 12 years (bad heat exchanged), this is the most overrated and expensive equipment out there.
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