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Carrier 38ARS GEMINI Central Air Conditioner

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Updated: Jun 27, 2013

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Overview of the 38ARS GEMINI

Carrier manufactures the 10-ton 38ARS Gemini for commercial cooling. This single circuit, split-system condensing unit offers up to 10.3 EER and a maximum cooling capacity of 125,000 BTU/H. The 38ARS can be installed in ground or rooftop applications in horizontal or vertical configurations.

This series features a semi-hermetic compressor and copper tubes with aluminum fins for efficient cooling and an insulated compressor to keep noise levels as low as 83 decibels. Carrier also promotes these models for their "rugged dependability," due in part to galvanized steel cabinets that protect interior components from environmental hazards.

Factory-installed options include low ambient controls, a non-fused disconnect switch, a convenience outlet for servicing and the manufacturer’s Enviro-Shield coil protection. Accessories, such as a hail guard or programmable thermostat, also are available.

Consumer Reviews of the Carrier 38ARS GEMINI

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Date created: 2011-04-19 Name: John
Location: Akron, OH

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Don't buy Carrier - all marketing"
Had to replace my Carrier system that was only 7 years old, had twice yearly maintenance done and still only got 7 years from both the furnace and a/C. Furnace blower quit and the airhandler leaked. a/c system was load and had several issues with the electrical components on the unit over the years. Eventually the compressor oil leaked into the refrigerant. What a pain and expensive system.

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Other 38ARS GEMINI Reviews

As a commercial unit, the 38ARS has very little presence on consumer forums or review sites. However, the residential HVAC side of Carrier's business has a wide range of praise and complaints from homeowners and professionals.

Reviewers on home improvement forums such as recommend Carrier units for their generally high efficiency and dependability. Reviews also mention the company’s wide range of HVAC products available to shoppers on a budget or looking for a higher-tier model. Warranty support is also mentioned as a benefit of these units.

Despite the positive feedback, Carrier has numerous unhappy customers posting their issues with the company on Equipment issues include repeated component failure, expensive part replacements, Freon leaks and corrosion in the coils. Poor customer service also is a frequent compliant among consumers.

Carrier 38ARS GEMINI Model Numbers

The 38ARS GEMINI is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
38ARS008-* 89,000
38ARS008---10 89,000
38ARS009---11 111,000
38ARS012---11 114,000

38ARS GEMINI Warranty

Carrier provides a standard 1-year warranty for the 38ARS. Warranty terms begin on the date of installation. Extended coverage options may be available through a Carrier dealer.

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