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Bryant 561C Central Air Conditioner

#5 of 5 Bryant Air Conditioners

Updated: Oct 29, 2016

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Overview of the 561C

The Bryant 561C is a split-system air conditioner, available in single- and three-phase models. According to the manufacturer, the 10 SEER unit can reach a SEER rating of up to 11.5 when used with appropriate components. The unitís compact size minimizes space utilization, enabling the consumer to economize space at home. The unit features an internal compressor and a completely enclosed fan motor. The 561Cís galvanized steel cabinet is powder-coated for protection from the elements, while brass service valves add additional durability. The manufacturer advertises this air conditioner as a cost-effective option for residential and light commercial applications. Eight sizes are available, ranging from 018 through 060.

Consumer Reviews of the Bryant 561C

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Date created: 2016-10-29 Name: E. Bangle
Location: Riverside, CA

Satisfaction Rating:

4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

"5 Years @ 57000 BTU"
I bought my house used and the AC unit came with it. Works great, cooler in one room in the house than any other but overall, it keeps the house cool. Had a Home Depot inspector check the unit this year and did not see any problems. However, I am now moving over to Solar Panels and will be checking out the use of this unit during 2017. Am looking for a 57000 BTU system to replace it eventually, seeing as it is 14 years old and newer models may save me a lot of power.

Date created: 2014-07-17 Name: Jerry V.
Location: Raleigh, NC

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Good results with mine"
We've got this unit for the downstairs floor and another a little larger very similar Bryant unit in the attic for the upstairs floor. They were installed in 1997 when the house was built. That's 17 years ago. I bought the house in 2005. Don't know about the previous owner's experience, but I've had very little trouble with either unit. Once had a relay go out on one, and the blower motor went out on the other. That's about it. Other than that, I've had no problems with either one.

Date created: 2012-08-08 Name: Dan Smith
Location: Boston, MA

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Terrible Product with Terrible Support"
I purchased my Bryant Unit in 2005 to replace an ancient ac unit that was no longer working. This year (2012) after my apartment being unable to get below 80 degrees I've been told that my compressor is bad and needs to be replaced. Bryant has a 10 year warranty policy if you register the unit. However, they did not allow you to register units until after 2007. I was told therefore that there is simply no warranty period. When I asked if they expected me to ever buy another Bryant product given that this one died so quickly I was told that is up to me, but they will not honor a warranty period (in a borderline rude delivery). My neighbor still has the ancient unit and it runs great. Unless Bryant somehow resolves this issue, I will never recommend their product.

Date created: 2011-07-21 Name: AK
Years owned: 5

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Unit died after 5 years"
I had problem all along with this unit. Unit died after 5 years. Do not believe Bryant Warranty -- 5 years +10 years for parts. Customer Support saying that unit is not covered under warranty after 5 years.

Date created: 2011-04-15 Name: James Herrin
Location: Marietta, GA
Years owned: 4

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Compressor died after only 4 years!"
After only 4 years of service the compressor died in this unit. It was repaired "under warranty" for a cost of $1889.00. A year later the assocaited furnace for this unit had the relay board go out and I had to shell out another $500 to have it repaired. I called Bryant - they basically told me to stick it up my butt. BRYANT = JUNK! Never buy this junk!

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Other 561C Reviews

Reviews on hvac-talk.com note some intermittent problems with this unit, most of which pertain to the system not providing enough cool air or blowing out air that is room temperature. Experts on hvac-talk.com say the causes of such intermittent problems are numerous and require calling an HVAC professional to the site for an inspection.

A reviewer at fixya.com also reported a problem where the fan suddenly seemed to stop working. The professionals on the site advised making sure the outside fan continued to work freely.

Bryant 561C Model Numbers

The 561C is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
561CJ018-A 10 17,200
561CJ018-E 10 17,200
561CJ018-F 10 17,200
561CJ024-A 10 22,400
561CJ024-E 10 23,600
561CJ024-F 10 22,400
561CJ030-A 10 28,000
561CJ030-E 10 28,000
561CJ030-F 10 28,000
561CJ036-A-B 10 33,800
561CJ036-A-G 10 33,800
561CJ036-F 10 33,800
561CJ042-B 10 40,000
561CJ042-E 10 40,500
561CJ042-F 10 40,000
561CJ047-A 10 44,000
561CJ048-B 10 46,000
561CJ048-F 10 46,000
561CJ060-B 10 57,000
561CJ060-H 10 57,000
561CJ060-K 10 57,000

561C Warranty

The 561C air conditioner comes with a couple of warranties that homeowners can use if their air conditioner develops mechanical problems or is damaged within the warranty time period. There is a 5-year limited compressor warranty and a 5-year limited parts warranty. In addition, a number of extended warranties are available.

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