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Armstrong Central Air Conditioners

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Armstrong Air Air Conditioners

Discontinued Series

Air conditioners manufactured by Armstrong are efficient and quiet units, and many carry the Energy Star rating. These air conditioners use the manufacturer's MHT technology, an efficiency-maximizing system designed to evenly draw air through the coil to create the greatest surface area for heat transfer. All units have swept fan blades and quality sound reduction. The Microban drain pans used in these units contain an antimicrobial agent prohibiting growth of mold and bacteria.

Armstrong Two-Stage Air Conditioners

Armstrong's two-stage 16 and 18 SEER air conditioners operate longer, providing cooling at lower capacities, than their single-stage counterparts, and readily operate at higher capacities to maintain indoor comfort in extreme heat. These units are equipped with a communicating control board, making them Comfort Sync compatible. When coupled with the Comfort Sync thermostat, the units benefit from non-stop operation monitoring that leaves the temperature at a comfortable average. In addition, the system can detect and email repair and maintenance needs to the homeowner and dealer. Some of these two-stage air conditioners also come with "Integrated Compressor Protection," which consists of high and low pressure switches for quality, reliable operation.

Armstrong Single-Stage Air Conditioners

 [ Armstrong Air Series : Concept 10 ]

The options available from Armstrong's single-stage air conditioner consist of 13 and 14 SEER units with scroll compressors. While some units offer Integrated Compressor Protection, others simply feature a high pressure switch. Each unit comes with a polyester paint finish baked over galvanized steel and PVC-coated discharge grille to ensure unit durability.

Care and Maintenance of Armstrong Air Conditioners

Armstrong instructs homeowners to change the air conditioner's filter regularly to increase the quality of air in the home. Users can opt to receive filter changing reminders via email from the company. For cooling units, the manufacturer advises scheduling annual maintenance before summer.


Armstrong air conditioners come with a standard limited warranty of 5-year coverage on the compressor and 5-year coverage on parts. Extended warranties are available that bring the coverage to 10 years for both the compressor and parts. Warranties must be registered for the homeowner to receive full benefits.

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