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American Standard Platinum ZV Central Air Conditioner

Updated: Apr 8, 2016

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Overview of the Platinum ZV

The American Standard Platinum ZV (also known as the Platinum 20) is a variable-speed air conditioner with an efficiency rating of up to 21.00 SEER. It features the AccuLink communication system, which allows communication between all system components to help maintain consistent comfort and efficiency. The AccuLink control has a 7-inch high-definition color touchscreen and features multiple programs, including sleep and vacation settings, along with upgradeable software. An all-aluminum spine fin coil provides efficient heat transfer while resisting corrosion, and a compressor sound insulator helps provide low operating sound levels. The unit is protected by heavy-duty steel louvered panels with an appliance-grade finish and rust-resistant, zinc-coated SermaGuard screws.

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Other Platinum ZV Reviews

There are very few posts regarding the Platinum ZV on HVAC forums. There are a couple of posts on hvac-talk.com regarding problems with upgrades for the thermostat, but no problems with the unit itself.

Platinum ZV Warranty

Online registration is required within 60 days of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the American Standard Platinum ZV air conditioner is comprised of the following:

  • 12-year limited warranty on the compressor
  • 10-year limited warranty on the coil
  • 10-year limited warranty on internal functional parts

Labor costs are not covered by the warranty. Optional Extended Warranties which can pay for labor and other costs not covered by the manufacturer's limited warranty are available.

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