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American Standard Air Conditioners

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American Standard Air Conditioners

American Standard makes seven different kinds of air conditioner. These are grouped within three different classes, each of which is named after a different precious metal.

The efficiency of these devices is measured on a scale called the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). This number represents the ratio between energy input and cooling accomplished. A high SEER implies high energy efficiency.

Silver Series

The three units in this series are the least expensive. American Standard rates them a two out of five stars on the comfort scale. The air conditioners use the "Spine Fin coil," which is a bundle of aluminum fibers. The whole artifact has a high surface area, which allows it to transfer heat quickly.

The Silver XI is the most efficient of the trio, with a rating of 14 instead of 13. There is a larger difference between the most basic and the "standard" American Standard model. The most basic model lacks most of the features of the other two. Reports differ as to whether it is least expensive.

American Standard Allegiance 13 Air Conditioner

Gold Series

The series is also named the Allegiance Series. Its members are distinguished as Contemporary (13 Seer), Premium (15 SEER) and Ultimate (two models: 16 and 20 SEER).

The SEER ratings of these products range from 13 to 20. The Gold Series air conditioners have ratings of 13 and 15.

All of the Allegiance air conditioners contain insulators that make them more quiet. They also have heavier-duty exoskeletons, covered with paint finishes, rustproofing, and other materials to ward off degradation. These include SermaGuard rust-resistant screws, which have been tested in conditions involving salt and also do not corrode in the presence of ultraviolet radiation. They also feature Durabase basepans, which are durable bases for the units.

The AccuClean filtration cleans 99.98% of the air that passes through the system. This filtration helps prevent allergens and other hostile particles from becoming trapped inside your lungs.

Platinum Series

Air conditioners in this series have two different compressors each. This excess capacity allows the system to use full power during exceptionally hot conditions, but operate using less energy during less extreme weather.

The "Allegiance 20" models have extra features. These include the AccuLink control board, which relates to the interface of air conditioner and thermostat; ChargeAssist charging port, which increases the efficiency with which the device charges; and heavy steel panels to shield the coil from hail and leaves.

Care and Maintenance

It's generally a good idea to have air conditioners inspected by a certified technician in the spring to ensure maximum performance. If your unit is also used to heat your home, have it maintained again in the fall as the cooler weather arrives.


American Standard offers a limited warranty to consumers who register their units within sixty days of having installed them. Consumers have the option to buy an extended warranty which expands the warranty in scope and through time. This extended coverage can be purchased in chunks of five or ten years. It is also transferrable to new owners of a property.

For units within the Allegiance series, the default warranty is 10 years.

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